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#6301: This is so poorly written it's virtually nonsense

For crying out loud, you have one job, here. It's an article about Cambridge physicists demonstrating that wormholes in spacetime are possible.
The hypothetical solution established at Cambridge has to do with the properties of quantum energy, which conveys that even vacuums are teaming by means of waves of energy. If you visualize two metal plates in a vacuum, some waves of energy would be excessively big enough to fit between the plates, meaning that the space-time among the plates would have negative energy.

Vacuum is indeed teeming with virtual particles--particle pairs that pop into existence, then recombine and disappear again.

And yes: if you put two plates extremely close together, there will be less energy between them than there is around them. The two plates will therefore be attracted to each other. This is called the Casimir force, because the vacuum between the plates is much higher than the vaccum around them. Because there's less room between them for virtual particles.

If the plates are kept separated, then yes, there is negative energy between them with respect to the space around them. It's a relative measure, not absolute.

In this tiny little fact hides the secret to limitless energy that makes nuclear power look like a fat guy on a generator bicycle. There's enough quantum vacuum energy in a single cubic inch to boil all the water on Earth.

The problem is, of course, extracting it....

* * *

That's what you get for canceling Joan of Arcadia, you JERK!

Big surprise: CBS CEO Leslie Moonves is a sexual harasser just like all the other scumwads in Hollywood.

It's worth noting:
The reporter-stooge said, "The allegations are said in part to involve instances of unwanted kissing and touching that occurred more than 20 years ago, as well as numerous claims that occurred more recently."

Another way to say the same thing? "The allegations relate a pattern of abuse that spans 20+ years." one commentor astutely points out. Those two statements are semantically equivalent but their connotations are different; one of them implies that the nonsense took place 20 years ago. And that is the impression the "reporter-stooge" wants you take away from all this. "Well, this is stuff that happened two decades ago, so why get all upset about it?"

Because that fucker canceled Joan of Arcadia, that's why!

* * *

This really is a dog-bites-man story and I've taken to passing those up. I mean, I could go down the list of stuff--like the story over at AoSHQ where they point out that during Obama's term it was totally wrong to call it a "regime", but now it's okay. That's "dog-bites-man" stuff, because you can't be a Democrat without being a hypocrite.

So this is another "well, that's not even remotely surprising" story.

Basics: about 1/3 of the property taxes collected by the City of Chicago go into a special slush fund which is controlled solely by the mayor. Last year, that was some $660 million dollars.

Of course the article ends with a brief discussion of a couple of bills in the Illinois legislature which are meant to stop this sort of obvious and heinous corruption, but let's face it: Rahm Emanuel is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mike Madigan, who--we have noted previously--basically runs the state. Back when Daley was still in office (before we were saddled with Emanuel) Daley and Madigan ran the state, but I don't see Daley giving that up and I'd bet money his fingers are still in the pie, too, somehow.

TL;DR: Illinois is a corrupt Democrat feifdom.

* * *

Gloriously cool tonight--dewpoint in the mid-fifties--so the windows are open. And now, WoW time!

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