atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#629: Going to a race? Get your shots!

Congress aides should get immunized for "hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tetanus, diphtheria and influenza" before visiting a NASCAR track.

You know, that's taking this whole elitist schtick a bit too far. "ZOMG we're going to be out among rednecks! Requisition some hazmat suits!"

According to the Democrat in charge of the House Homeland Security Committe, "the immunizations are commonly recommended for people working in hospitals, holding centers and similar locations" which is why it was "recommended" that the House staffers get them.

Earth to dipshit: your staffers aren't working in those places; they are just visiting them. The staffers aren't going to be performing procedures, handling biohazardous materials, or even dealing with patients; all they're doing is looking, watching, and taking notes.

The insinuation that a NASCAR event is somehow the equivalent of visiting a third-world country offends me, and I'm not even a NASCAR fan. What a jerk.


At least she's honest.

I can't amplify that without blockquoting the entire freaking article, unfortunately. But the old joke goes, "Which is cheaper, a girlfriend or a prostitute?"

This lady--if she is real--definitely fits into the latter category, whether she believes it or not. And I think the response (if real) she got is perfectly appropriate.

As an internet joke, though, the grain of truth at its core is what makes it so damn funny.

Yes I am down on women. What do you think? My last relationship went as far as engagement and was then ended because (at least in part) I wouldn't send her $300 per month. Of course I'm going to be cynical about this stuff. What do you expect?

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