atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6302: Why does it take such willpower?

I refer to the bag of white cheddar-flavored "Poppables" on my desk. These are artificial food, made from potatoes I think, but they're crispy and tasty and it takes a Will save at a -3 penalty for me to stop eating them!


* * *

Government is an asshole. Son builds wheelchair ramp for his elderly mother, who needs a wheelchair. Local government forces son to tear wheelchair ramp down, because there was no permit issued for building it.


* * *

Socialism kills by the millions. Never forget that.

* * *

Okay, I can guarantee that eating four bags of junk food per week is what did it, not the fact that it was spicy. Anyone want to take a bet on how many tons this 17-year-old girl weighs, who eats 4 bags of Cheetos per week?

Holy crap.

* * *

All because the headline sells papers and ad spots. It's actually no more dangerous today than it was when I was a young free-range fungus, leaving home in the morning and not getting back until the sun began to set.

Lies, damned lies, statistics. You know the drill.

* * *

Totally dead day today. Three e-mails, three calls all day. *sigh*

Wrote some more AV, though. One more push and I think we can start combat. Looking forward to it.

* * *

Lastly, Larry Correia on Faceboob:

Now, this just makes me happy to see.

"Some uncountable number of SF fans out there who left believing they were somehow Not Wanted by established fandom."

Quoth Larry:
She can’t imagine how you guys could feel unwanted, after they labeled you all as racist, sexist, homophobic, hatemongery, Nazis who wanted to kick women out of publishing and drag gays to death behind your jacked up pickup trucks after you got done abusing your wives.
And quoth Brad Torgerson:
This is the Worldcon you wanted. This is the "fandom" you desired: ideologically one-sided to such a supremely toxic level, the identitarians who now occupy all the places of importance in the 50-and-under group, are driving out what's left of the grownups—who were already being driven out under *your* watch. And when the identitarians have no more moderates and conservatives to thrash, they turn on and will thrash the Trufans and the self-styled "allies" among the silver-haired set. You cannot dial this back with a disingenuous tweet about heart-brokenness. The rot has been taking place under your aegis for 20+ years.
Truly it has been.

But of course they wouldn't be SJWs if they weren't also hypocrites.

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