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#6307: Who the hell does that?

If you have to reuse condoms because you simply cannot afford to use them only once, you have a problem. I'm not prepared to discuss what that problem is, and it probably varies by person, but it's clearly a problem.

They're single-use, folks. You use it, you throw it away. You don't wash it and reuse it.


* * *

A bunch of bits have been spilled over NYT's latest editor, who is an extremely racist dumbass. NYT would not have hired her if she had said those things about black people or hispanics or muslims, but since white people are the source of all that is evil *rolleyes* it's apparently perfectly fine with them that they hired this racist twat.

* * *

Once again, homophobia is perfectly okay as long as it's Democrats who are showing it. If that guy was a Democrat, the denunciations would be legion--but he's Republican, so of course his 14-year-old drawing of Bigfoot with a gigantic penis is something to be derided.

Which is why this made me laugh so much.

* * *

The press is highly uninterested in any mass shooting that involves gangs and which takes place somewhere with very strict gun laws.

Like this one in Chicago. "A motive is unknown at this time," the article says, but the rest of the text makes it plain that gangs were the reason for the shooting.

* * *

Someone needs to be put in jail. Be suspicious of anyone wearing a "punch a nazi" shirt, because he has announced that he is willing to do violence to anyone who disagrees with him.

* * *

Well, it's Thursday night. Garbage night. Whee!

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