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#630: Lots of fun headline stuff again

The nice thing about doing a blog is that you can write about whatever the hell interests you. No editor telling you not to bite the culture guy's style; no one complaining if you decide to do a movie review in the middle of a string of political commentary. You can be Yukari Tanizaki and decide, the hell with teaching English, today I'm going to teach math PE, and no one can do squat about it.

Bombs in the basement! A subdivision in Florida was built on an old Army training ground, and now residents are worried about unexploded ordinance.

All the old Indian burial grounds have been taken, I guess.

Anyway, I kind of figure that if a bomb has been down there for sixty years and building a house over it hasn't set it off, you probably don't have much to worry about. Yes, get it out of there, because although it probably won't go off, the price of being wrong is too high--but you don't need to act as if some unstable raghead wearing a gelignite waistcoat has taken up residence in your living room.

Gore's movie inaccurate; take away his Oscar. Pssh. Yeah. That'll happen. The only way Al Gore will lose his Oscar for that thing is if he renounces the movie, his entire stand on global warming, and becomes a Reagan Republican. Then maybe he will lose the Oscar.

And he won a Nobel for it, too, now. He shares it with IPCC.

"Ole Danbolt Mjoes, chairman of the prize committee, said the award should not be seen as singling out the Bush administration for criticism." What? How do you get from "Al Gore won the Nobel" to "they're criticizing Bush!" WTF? Just because Gore won it for his tubthumping disaster-mongering doesn't mean that Bush is somehow lessened.

Oh, but Bush rejected Kyoto.... so what?

Plenty of others have pointed out that Gore has joined a company of dubious elites, including Yassir Arafat.

The Nobel Peace Prize is yet another way that world leftists circle-jerk each other. That's all it is--and if you doubt me, fine. Just look at the list of winners and tell me their political affiliations are rightist, conservative, or what-have-you. (And I'll call you a liar and/or stupid, because ain't none of 'em rightist or conservative even by the greatest stretch of imagination.)

I'm not going to reiterate my criticisms of anthropogenic global warming/climate change "global warming=man-made=apocalypse" here. I shouldn't have to. The only kind of "prophet" that Al Gore is is the "false" kind.


...a research reactor sprung a minor leak. Whoopee do. To be fair the article doesn't take the tone of my link to it, but considering how some people react when told of a radiation leak, I figured I might as well.

I once had a Greenpeace weenie try to tell me that I had to be afraid of low-level nuclear waste in a local dump. Uh, sure, I'll worry about that, after I finish worrying about paying my bills and all the other things which are actually important. *sigh*

Muslims demostrate their lack of faith again. They just can't handle having anything around which is not Islamic. Their faith is so weak they'd rather destroy a 1300-year-old rock carving than try to appreciate the ancient work.

But that's how people of limited faith and intelligence are. "Oh, that thing is against my religion and my religion can't handle the competition! We have a monopsony on Truth but the existence of that [whatever] may cause Doubt and Uncertainty and Faithlessness!"

And Christians do it, too. I wish they wouldn't, but they do. "Oh, I can't have my son read 'Harry Potter' because it promotes witchcraft and it's a Satanic ploy to get him away from Christ!" Yeah, sure, that's exactly so. Satan tricked JK Rowling into writing a book about wizards and stuff solely because there isn't any other way for him to get people to sin in the modern world.


I think if your faith is strong you don't worry about other religions and their articles and artifacts. I think if your religion is strong you don't need to--if you really believe that your religion is The Only Right Way, how can an old rock carving challenge it?

*sigh* Stupid asshats.

Space-based solar plants are "viable". Not with NASA at the helm, they're not.

But science fiction fans have been talking about this stuff for decades. There are hundreds of ways to accomplish the task economically; all we lack is the will to do it.

It'd be nice if we'd get off the stick and actually start to do something in space, rather than just throw manned aluminum rocks into orbit and bring them home again.

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