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#6310: How to know you married the right woman

On our way to the animal show I've got a CD in the stereo and Foreigner's "Hot Blooded" comes on.

Me: Why does he feel the need to explain that he's an endotherm? Aren't all humans warm-blooded?

Her: Because SHUT UP, that's why!!!

Me: Heh.

* * *

This is another reason I don't want to live in California. Besides the egregious taxation, out of control leftist lunacy, excessive regulation, and propensity for earthquakes, that is.

You see, wildfires are part of nature. With the land in its natural state, these fires occur every so often and clear away deadwood, bracken, and underbrush. It revitalizes the land and primes it for fresh growth. The area has significant dry periods, and they call it "fire season" for a reason.

Now, it used to be that the people living there took steps to mitigate the inevitable fires. They'd clear away deadwood themselves, create fire breaks, and do controlled burns and other things which would make the fires manageable. But then the eco-nazi movement got established in government and all those measures were outlawed or de-funded, with the result that a flat tire can create enough sparks to set half the friggin' state on fire.

This article here sums it all up nicely.

...but that is exactly why I don't want to live there, aside from all the other stuff. Any given year, your house could be in the path of a literal firestorm which is so massive that no one on Earth can stop it from wiping out everything you own in a matter of minutes, and quite possibly you too.

* * *

The ethanol mandate never made a friggin' lick of sense anyway. There is nothing about adulterating gasoline with ethanol that is "green". It takes a gallon of diesel fuel to make a gallon of ethanol; all you're doing is moving the petroleum use from automobiles to farm equipment and railroad locomotives.

Not to mention that the inclusion of ethanol in gasoline causes a crapton of other problems for machines that were designed to run on pure gasoline.

* * *

Because shut up, that's why. The press will never own up to its participation in ascientific nonsense. They just parrot whatever the current pravda is, whatever the leftist party line tells them to parrot.

* * *

I suppose being out in the heat yesterday affected me more than I realized. Felt kind of cruddy when we stopped for dinner on our way home--I had a powerful need for fajitas so we went to Rueben's Mexican Grill--but by the time I'd crunched my way through some chips and salsa I'd started to feel better. I ate everything.

Love the nachos there--chips, refried beans, cheese, and the meat of your choice, all baked to gooey crispy perfection. Ate a ton of that. Then the fajitas, and though I ended up leaving some grilled peppers on the platter I ate all the meat and tortillas. I was stuffed, but Mrs. Fungus ordered their donut dessert--ten freshly-made little donuts, still hot, rolled in sugar and cinnamon, and I couldn't help myself but ate my half of that, too.

After that, I felt fine--had not, in fact, realized how bad I was feeling until I'd eaten. So, probably what happened was I didn't drink enough fluids and really needed some kind of salty snack to boot. But that's fine, I guess.

* * *

Today's plan is to relax as much as I possibly can. I'll have to get the grass cut, but otherwise the day is mine.

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