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#6314: STFU racist idiot

You know that dumbass girl NYT hired, the asian one who's a complete racist, sexist, and bigot? One of her racist tweets was about how white people are only fit to live underground because they "burn faster in the sun".

See, bitch, that's why white people invented sunblock. If you take a little look at history you'll see that white people invented a whole lot of shit, things you take for granted, things like electrical power, indoor plumbing, the transistor and integrated circuit, antibiotics--why, the list just goes on and on and on.

You see, white people--when they see a problem--they solve it, at least the smart ones do. White people are creative enough that they invent problems to solve. Okay, like, "Gee, no one's ever gone to the Moon; why don't we try doing that?"

Your culture, left to its own devices, would still be working on better ways to make kimchi if it hadn't been for this little thing we like to call THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, something done almost entirely by white men, which spread the benefits of western civilization all over the world--because instead of one man being capable of enough economic output to keep himself and his family fed, the industrial revolution enables one man to produce enough to feed several families.

One man in a tractor can till enough land to feed thousands of people. Absent that tractor and the industrial base that supports it, he's plowing a couple of acres with a mule. That same industrial base enables food to be transported thousands of miles overnight, so that you can have fresh produce whenever you want it. Your life expectancy is as long as it is thanks to countless man-years spent in laboratories developing vaccines, antibiotics, and other medicines.

White men. Western civilization. Almost exclusively.

...and that self-same combination is what enables our society to be rich enough to afford purulent wastrels like you. In a society without that combination, you'd be a baby factory living in filth and poverty. You'd need to have a lot of children to help you do all the work required just to stay alive, and also you'd need a lot of them so that you had spares, because some of them would inevitably die of childhood disease. Or, you know, typhoid or cholera.

But because white men did all that inventing and creating, you live in a paradise that people from a century ago couldn't even conceive of.

Might want to think about that before you open your ignorant piehole again.

* * *

The right way to talk to the media. "You seem nice! I'll call you. You seem nice!" Heh.
Tell them how nice and wonderful they are and they have NO STORY. The goal is for them to have NO STORY.
Yep. Yep.

* * *

Ordinarily when XKCD descends into politics I am annoyed, but today's comic I could not agree with more than I do.

I honestly believe that regardless of circumstance we should use paper ballots. I think we should never have electronic voting systems. With paper ballots, a person can count the damn things and verify the number of votes cast, and for whom. With electronic systems, it takes one keypress to alter the outcome of an election, and no one will ever know what the real result was.

Also, because this.

* * *

Up too early today. Returning to bed.

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