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#6316: Well, just like that.

Friday night we watched Ready Player One and I enjoyed it. I don't remember the criticisms others had of it, but it was pretty entertaining stuff. That took my entire evening.

Saturday night we went out to dinner (a sit-down burger place, pretty tasty stuff) and then did some grocery shopping. Got home later than usual, and once everything was put away I collapsed.

I did not expect to collapse. I went into the bedroom intending to rig for nighttime (turn on lamp by the bed) but when I got into the bedroom the bed looked so comfortable that I just lay on it. I hadn't turned off the bathroom light yet; after a couple of moments I got up long enough to turn off the bathroom light, and then laid down with purpose.

Next thing I know, Mrs. Fungus is coming to bed and it's after one. I got up long enough to take my pills and have a cookie, then laid down again and slept more.

Why, no, I wasn't tired. Why do you ask?

* * *

I've decided that at some point I'm going to do an in-depth discussion of Interstellar and why I liked it so much. It's been, what, three years years since it came out? Four? So there'll be spoilers in it.

* * *

*Shrug*. My big problem with Harley-Davidson is that they treat their cachet as a license to print money. A bike that would cost $10k from another manufacturer (even an American one) costs $20k solely because it has the H-D logo on it. $1 of wire and plastic which would normally price out around $10 costs $36.50 because it has a H-D part number embossed on it.

"We're the legend! We're American made! There is no other Harley-Davidson!"

...but there is simply no reason to buy one of those things other than the name on them. Paying a premium for a nameplate has always seemed like a bad investment to me and the last time I bought anything based solely on the logo it bore was when I got my first pair of Nike shoes, when I was in seventh grade. Okay? I was twelve, and that was the first and last time I wanted something based purely on who made it.

Taking your brand's main distinguishing factor and pissing it away seems like a bad idea to me. The idea that the H-D crowd will boycott the manufacturer if they move production overseas--well, I don't know how much that will hurt them considering the large number of idiots who champ at the bit to buy a Harley, put straight pipes on it, and ride like he's the leader of Hell's Angels or something. Certainly H-D does not need to make the move in order to remain profitable, not when all their bikes are priced at $ASSRAPE.

* * *

Yesterday was utter dullsville at work. I didn't track how many emails or calls I got, but they were all few and far between, typical for a Saturday.

Instead I worked on AV--proofreading and catching inconsistencies.

The problem I have with this second third of the story is that there are too many people and too many starships for me to keep track of. But the story is going to get simpler. I'm halfway through the first main battle of the war; there will be another which (I am hoping) will be told entirely from the viewpoint of one character, but there will be a lot of ships to keep track of.

After that, though, the big to-do is over and it's just mopping up. And we move on to part three of the story; there will be one more fight in that one, probably not very big, and then we'll be all done.

And then, editing. Finding bad bits and rewriting them. Fixing stuff.

At the end, submission.


I am still on the fence about this thing being split into two or three books. Typical novel length is maybe 70,000 words and I'm well over 150,000 with this thing--257 single-spaced pages so far--and I've still got some distance to go before it's completed.

In all probability it will have to be split. I'm going to submit it as one big shmoo, with the proviso that it has been written such that it can be split into thirds with a minimum of effort. Certainly the first part works reasonably well as a self-contained novel, though I am a little unhappy with the denouement. You don't really need to know much about the first part to pick up at the second part, either; I do believe someone picking up the second book would be made curious about what happened in the first one, but you don't need it to understand anything that's happening in the second.

Here's hoping.

* * *

Well, I have some chores and tasks ahead of me today. We're having a mini-staycation this week, staying home and doing stuff around the house and just trying to unwind from a summer that's worn us a bit fine.

First, something to eat.

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