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#6318: Yeah, sure. SURE.

I have doubts about your claim to be a lesbian when you can't keep your hands off a man.

The short form is that a feminist professor who claims to be a lesbian was found to have sexually harassed a male graduate student. The blockquoted text makes it sound as if she could not keep her hands off the guy, as if--hmm!--she were sexually attracted to him, so much so that she was unable to control her impulses. Which, to my way of thinking, calls her lesbianism into question. Doesn't it?

"Well, she could just be bisexual," you say. Fine--but why not identify that way? Why claim to be a lesbian if you're actually bi? It couldn't have anything to do with your politics, could it?

The entire imbroglio is an indictment of radical feminism.

* * *

Gee, a doctor making shit up so he makes more money. Who could have seen that one coming. *rolleyes*

"ADHD" is largely young boys being young boys.

* * *

This articke makes an interesting point. All over the world, you see houses with those kinds of security measures. Here in the US? Not so much, except for the inner-city war zones. And what singular feature do all these miniature dystopias share?

Severe restrictions on personal firearm ownership.

Think it over.

* * *

Speaking of inner city war zones Chicago continues to amaze with its record gang violence.

The statistics speak for themselves. Most of the shootings are gang-related, of course.

But: gangs are the main conduit for drugs. Drugs are big money. Gangs spread some of that money around--to politicians and the Democrat machine--so the politicians are unwilling to do anything about the gangs.

Because the gangs are largely black, you have people like Jesse Jackson (who also benefit, one way or another, from the gang presence) who will protest vociferously about "racism" if anything serious is done to curtail gang activity.

The Democrat machine has no interest in ending the violence. Democrats don't give a rat's ass about the welfare of black people and consider them expendable; if you don't believe me just consider the hue and cry that goes up when some shithead goes and shoots up a white school, and compare that to the "ho, hum" media response to the actual massacres that take place in Chicago almost weekly. And the violence is useful to the Democrats, not least because they hope that it'll get the people living in their shitholes to support gun confiscation.

* * *

Yet you can buy one of these, and you can't buy an Elio. *sigh*

The rear bumper fascia of the Tesla 3 can fall off if it collects too much water. There is a cloth shield in place to prevent that, but apparently under the right conditions that doesn't help very much.

Pity that Paul Elio isn't as good at securing funding as Elon Musk is.

* * *

So far, Battle for Azeroth (the new WoW expansion) seems pretty entertaining. There were a few login issues, so we weren't able to start playing until about fifteen minutes after the quest popped up that opened the expansion.

I was sitting here at 4:30 waiting to start playing; Mrs. Fungus came in at 4:50-ish and couldn't log in. The quest popped up at 4:56, and she had a black screen. And so we waited. It was a bug of some kind.

Finally at 5:09 her screen populated, she logged in, and we were off...and the next thing we knew it was 8 PM.

So far things are looking pretty good.

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