atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#631: Spamilator!

Why? Because I can!

First, break out the Ebonics-to-English dictionary! I am again asked, "When are you going to join?" This time it's little Elba Foote, the internet's answer to a question NOBODY ASKED!!!

Brayan Turner is bleating about the revolution. Apparently "millions of men" have started one and no one has sent me the memo--until now. I wanted in on the ground floor! I don't want to be a faceless prole; I want to be at the top! Sure the workers will control the means of production...but we will control the workers! Ha!

Karyn Ladd (no relation, I am sure, to ex-Charlie's Angel Cheryl Ladd, or cowboy Alan Ladd) says "Receive funds in as little as 5 days". Well, hop to it! Send me funds, Karyn!

Donn Richey offers me an instant sexual boost. Not just a sexual boost but an instant sexual boost. Just use this product and bam!: "Dayum, my sex is boosted!"

No thanks, Donn, but you go ahead and be happy. Somewhere far away from me, please.

Adolfo Dyer promotes having an "overlarge" cock. What does that mean?

...what it means is that I can't possibly rip on this without taking Atomic Fungus right down into the freaking sewer, so I'm not going to try to explain it. Just use your imagination.

In the same vein, Terry Marsh wants to sell me Canadian sex pills. Not just any Canadian sex pills but the best Canadian sex pills.

Well, Darsh*, you can stick your Canadian sex pills where the sun doon't shine, eh?

*This is an obscure South Park reference, from like 2002 or 2003.

hpxtermnn's username clearly showes that he is unfamiliar with the role that vowels play in words! He attempts to cajole me and tells me that I know I love online games. I presume this means he thinks I ought to be playing online games that will make money for him.

But hpxtermnn is wrong; I do not love online games, and I know that I do not love online games. Particularly ones that will line the pockets of someone who has only passing familiarity with the role that vowels play in the English language.

Suck it, hpxtermnn!! Ha, ha!

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