atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6319: Well, one day remains

Having a pleasant staycation with my wife, built around the new expack for WoW. So far this weekend we've played the game, relaxed in the pool, slept approximately whenever the hell we felt like it, and had some pretty nice food. Haven't left the yard, don't intend to. The only thing we did was, on Monday, go get a pizza, and that was it.

(Well, Mrs. Fungus ran to the bank and the grocery store on Monday.)

Still! Otherwise, nothing.

While I was cutting the grass on Monday I espied some wild grapes hanging from one of the several vines investing the foliage in the back yard. When I was by the house I stopped the tractor and grabbed a colander and a pair of scissors, and when I got back to that area I stopped the tractor again and started harvesting grapes.

I filled the colander. I didn't even half try to, and I think I barely made a dent in the amount of grapes hanging off the thing; that was just me harvesting the ones I could reach. I could see that higher up there were a ton more of them.

Really need to get after those grapevines. Holy crap. Hack 'em off at ground level.

...though I have to admit, it's fun to pick wild blackberries in early July and then get wild grapes in August. There just isn't really anything I can do with them. Wild grapes aren't seedless, so eating them is a bit of a pain. I've been thinking I'd pound them through a strainer and have wild grape juice; or I suppose I could try my hand at making grape jam--but regardless the seeds have to go.

Overall the enjoyment I get from harvesting and eating wild berries is overshadowed by the mess the plants make of the landscaping around the bunker. All these weeds have to go.


In fact, the grass didn't really need cutting; it's been so dry that it was just getting kind of shaggy. I figured out that I last cut it July 26; it needed it then, but it was still kind-of okay. But I felt guilty about it, so I did it.

* * *

I'm not used to playing this much WoW. Even before I went back to work in December I was averaging under an hour per day; with all the home improvement work and cleaning and de-cluttering and such I was doing, I simply didn't have time for it. Having a job--same thing. even when I take time off specifically to play it, I find I can do about three hours before I start feeling overloaded. Well, that's how it goes.

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