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#6321: I did NOT see that one coming

I write my stories so I find out how they end. Today, the second space war took an abrupt left turn and fizzled. But it also set up the big final war in the next part.

* * *

So, today's "Pooch Cafe" features the guy talking about how they don't need an alarm because they have a dog. Only the last panel features the dog sleeping through burglars stealing some kind of china hutch and dropping it and dishes falling out and breaking, and the dog doesn't wake up.

Of course, no burglar in his right mind would steal ordinary furniture considering that Salvation Army won't even take it. Why do all that work for something you can fence for maybe $20?

That comic strip has been getting on my nerves anyway. I might remove it from my lineup.

* * *

$200? Seriously? So, large corporations get to assess their own property, and Apple claims that its huge new campus has a property value of $200. That's not the tax they pay, that's their assessment of the value of the property.

A slightly more accurate valuation is something like a billion dollars.

I agree with Vox Day:
It's a problem that is easily solved with a state law. If a publicly traded corporation values its property at a certain amount, then anyone can purchase it for three times that amount.
So if Apple insists that their property is worth only $200, some guy could come along and offer them $600 and they would have to sell for that price.

I also agree with his conclusion; Apple really is a horrible company.

* * *

You think I am exaggerating when I say that politicians in Chicago are in the gangs' pockets. I know how Chicago machine politics work, though.

That's why Chicago has such a gang problem: because the gangs know that greasing politicians keeps the heat off them, and that way they don't go to jail. Oh, some do, and there's the occasional drug bust or other kind of arrest, but that gets chalked up to "cost of doing business".

Next stop: Detroit.

* * *

And, big surprise, the Obama Center for Socialist Propaganda is already breaking promises because lying and cheating are what Democrats do best.

Of course it all amounts to Obama and the Illinois Democrats shitting all over everyone simply because they can.
Former Obama chief of staff and current embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel thinks the $174 million in tax dollars to be spent on the center is "money well spent."
Of course he does! It's not his money they're spending! It's not even Chicago money they're spending. It's Illinois state funds they're wasting on this horseshit.

* * *

Talk about the pot and the fucking kettle. Disney is the company which has basically paid Congress to rewrite copyright law solely to protect their rights to Mickey Mouse. For them to sue over "overzealous copyright protection" is ridiculous.

* * *

Why women in combat is a bad idea.

* * *

Saw a YouTube video about Heinlein today. Part of a series, apparently, it discusses how Heinlein's protagonists were "the Competent Man" and how awful that is, because of course it's horribly unrealistic to have a protagonist who knows how to do lots of different things.

You know what? It used to be that a man needed to be that way. You think guys out on the frontier had the luxury of paying someone to build their house, or butcher their hogs, or make clothes, or dig a well, or plant a field, or-or-or?

Maybe in the world of the YouTuber, there aren't any competent men; but I've known plenty of them and like to consider myself one. I can fix a car, I can replace a light switch, I can plumb a sink, sew on a button, build a fire, cook a meal--I'm not making an exhaustive list of things I can do but I know people who can do a shitton more than I can. "The Competent Man" exists in reality; I've met him. Your pissant nonsense about it being a "harmful stereotype" can go right into the shitter.

So, part two--part two gets it wrong right off the bat talking about Starship Troopers.

Heinlein had a deal with a publisher: every year he'd submit a juvenile. They could take it or leave it, but the first time they "left it" the contract was over and he would no longer write for them.

This video claims that when they refused to print Starship Troopers Heinlein got mad and stopped writing juveniles. "Angered, he decides he's done with juveniles," goes the narration.

Completely wrong.

Further, the discussion of the novel itself is 100% incorrect. As an example, the guy claims "young children" are executed in the story; the execution we see is when a child rapist and murderer is hanged for his crime. Though his age is never explicitly given, the man in question is over the age of 18. In fact, all of the punishments we see are against men enlisted in the military. Johnny Rico himself gets five lashes for cheating during a training exercise. These are not "children" unless you subscribe to the Democrat Obamacare horseshit about being considered a dependent until you're 26.

After that, of course it raises the usual shibboleths about "military government" even though the book makes plain that you only get the franchise once you have been honorably discharged from the military. You do not vote while in the military (which was the case of the military dictatorships he cites--and he is careful to show Franco, Hitler, and Mussolini, strangely not showing Stalin or Mao or Castro) because the creators of the government in the book didn't want to build a military junta.

In short, this guy's videos on Heinlein were very poorly researched and simply regurgitate the usual SJW party line about him and his work. "Extra Credits" is the name of the YouTuber. Avoid--if he gets Heinlein wrong I don't expect him to get anyone else right.

* * *

The hell of it is, there is so much that someone could discuss about Heinlein that's actually true--stuff that makes him look terrible--but the SJWs prefer to build up this straw-Heinlein and take that down instead. WTF.

* * *

I'm not kidding about what happened today in AV. The entire reason for the current war just...went away. It was a reasonable and logical development in the story, and it's something that fits perfectly, but I sure as hell wasn't expecting it.

But in the process of this happening, the setup begins for the really big war at the climax of the whole story. It's going to be fun to get there.

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