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#632: I'm in my right mind!

By now you've probably seen that spinning girl brain test thing.

I saw it and it was spinning to the right, and I could not get it to change directions. Finally I managed to get it to change directions, by looking at it out of the corner of my eye, and then I couldn't get it to switch back.

Anyway, looking at the results, I wasn't terribly surprised.

* * *

Last year as Christmas merchandise came in I was working on the backstock side of the freight line when I noticed what was printed on a box:

Cordeuroy Fudge Bags, it said.

I pointed it out to Steve, who I was working with. "Doesn't that sound like a vague way of calling someone gay?" I asked him. He agreed.

Several months later he was talking to someone in the back room and I said in a tremulous voice (like that guy in The Simpsons who is always doing minimum-wage jobs) "Get back to work, you cordeuroy fudge bag!" Now it's a running joke.

And I bet they'll be coming again this year. I can't wait.

* * *

Every once in a while I--in a desperate attempt to find some shred of amusement somewhere in my job--will write something on a box before I backstock it.

It's pretty typical for boxes to warn you not to use a boxcutter to open them, lest ye damage the merchandise within. (Most of us ignore those warnings. Go figure.) Several kinds of boxes say, "DO NOT USE SHARP INSTRUMENT TO OPEN".

So I'll write on there, "#[sharp note symbol] NO. b[flat note symbol] OK."

When the first box of Christmas lights came in, I wrote on the box, "Xmas lights box #1!" and the date on it.

Yeah I need a life. Have I ever said I didn't?

But it's a pretty big deal, IMHO, for Christmas merchandise to start coming in. This'll be my third Christmas season at Target. I don't know whether to be happy, sad, suicidal, or what.

* * *

Last night I never got out of the grocery aisles. I was in the back room, assigned to the "snack" (grocery) pull.

You know, our store's biggest sales items--in terms of what we sell and how much money comes in --are personal audio and personal hygiene products. The two areas of the store which typically take the most time to do, though, are the Pharmacy area and the grocery area.

Our store is a "Greatland" store. The snack/grocery area is maybe 1/10th the total area of the floor, yet it consistently takes hours to complete. The Pharmacy area is about the same size as the grocery area, and it also takes hours to complete. They're the two biggest chores the floor crew has.

For most of the year, one or two people can handle all of Electronics and the Music and Movies area. And the same is true for Toys. That all changes after mid-November, when Christmas shopping season starts; then most of our business is in those areas and a crew of people is assigned solely to toys.

But even so, the "snack" pull takes hours. It's split into several batches--a candy batch, a snack batch, two beverage batches, three grocery batches, a meat batch, a dairy batch, and a frozen food batch--but one person typically does them all, one-by-one.

Last night, I was pulling groceries until 2 AM. And no one could possibly complain about that because that's about how long it usually takes for anyone to do them.

I went right from pulling groceries to backstocking the grocery freight. And when that was done, we pulled in carts and I started backstocking the grocery carts.

When I left at 6:12 AM, the grocery backstock was all done and I was too tired and depressed to do more.

* * *

Back in the 1980s there was this snack food product called "Food Sticks". They came in a couple flavors--we only got the chocolate kind--and had the approximate consistency of soft Tootsie Rolls. The flavor wasn't as good, though. Supposedly they were chock full o' nutrition.

Anyway, I would eat a few per week, so Mom bought them. But many times a friend of mine would be over; and if he wanted to have one of them he'd ask me, "Ed, do you have any Food Dicks?"

...I don't wish to analyze, in the sober light of adulthood, his reference to something long (and chocolate) as a food "dick". Anyway, that's the kind of person he was, anyway, so his behavior didn't really surprise me all that much. He ate more of the "Food Dicks" than I ever did, and when Mom eventually learned this, she stopped buying them. Or else they stopped making them, I don't know. But I never missed them.

* * *

Supposedly, someone owes me money.

I bought DRAM during the right period, apparently, and certain makers were successfully sued for price-fixing. So now I have to go dig out the old P3 and look at its DIMMs to see who made the stuff, and how much there is, so I can fill out the claim form and receive my pittance.

I don't even remember how much it was, but I don't think it was very much. Still, WTF--if I don't claim it, some lawyer will end up with it. Screw that.

I've been wanting to dig it out anyway, to see if I can remove the KETMEG virus-or-WTF-ever from it and make it usable. There are still programs which won't run under Vista, things which will never work under Vista--abandonware, mainly--and I keep thinking it'd be nice if I could get Mom to use that computer and retire her Compaq. (Not likely. Oh well.)

The sticking point is the monitor. I have a spare CRT but it's 13", and I'm long since used to 19" or more. WELL...LCD monitors are getting cheaper all the time now, and this past week I saw one for around $130 somewhere. I mean, dayum--and it's only going to get better as more and more people buy the things.

* * *

I used to read Joe Haldeman's online diary--it's not really a blog per se--but I finally stopped.

Haldeman is an unabashed liberal. I mean, leftist moonbat liberal--"Bushitler stole the election" leftist moonbat liberal--and I got tired of the bile and vitriol he spews whenever he mentions the current administration.

Besides that, though, is how he treats going to ICON, the annual SF/fantasy convention in Iowa. When he mentions it in his diary, he makes wry comments approximating "I have to go back to hicksville and cornland again".

It's like, dude--if you regard it as such a chore, don't fucking go, for Christ's sake. If mingling with us hicks out in the hinterland cramps your style so much, stay on the east coast or go to France or something. Jesus.

* * *

I find it interesting how much of fandom is moonbat liberal. Well, fantasy and anime, not so much, but I don't understand how hard SF fans can be critical of [this or that work which makes a minor physics error] but then fervently endorse "global warming=man made=apocalypse".

What really boggles my mind is an engineer who is moonbat liberal. I don't think I would trust his (or her) work. For example, anyone who believes that socialized medicine can work despite all the evidence to the contrary is probably not going to be all that good an engineer. Engineers have to deal in reality, not wishful thinking.

Maybe that's the kind of person who designed that bridge in Minnesota....

(I know the bridge collapse was due to corrosion and overloading. It was some kind of humor or something.)

* * *

Lovely Complex is over. 24 eps and done. *sigh*

Happy Lesson Advance episode 9 looks a lot like an episode from the original series. In fact it was exactly the freaking same. I don't know if the guys who fansubbed it pulled a fast one or what, but as I was watching it, I thought, "You know, this looks familiar." And as the episode went on, it kept looking that way.

The eyecatch at the commercial break was HLA. But Nagatsuki-chan, the character introduced in ep 1 of HLA, was not in the episode at all.


* * *

Every once in a while, these days, I have a long and complex dream that I'm with a group of people who are really good friends of mine, and we do something that's a lot of fun.

The first time it was a group of guys and girls, and I'd recently joined them, and we were down in Florida surfing. The second time was years later, and me and another group of guys and girls were out having a really good time somewhere. Most recently it was about me and some guys who were on a kind of road trip.

Inevitably I wake up from those dreams feeling depressed. Whatever is going on in the dreams is always a lot more fun than my real life is, and the friendships are the kind where you do something that lands you in jail and your friend is sitting next to you saying, "Damn, that sure was fun!" And the ones who got away without being arrested come and bail both of you out, like you and the guy next to you just took the fall so the others could escape.

It kind of sucks.

* * *

The weather is going to consistently be in the 60s for the rest of the week. Maybe it's time to get the AC out of the window.

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