atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6325: I'M AT THE DOOR

Went to the hardware store for a few sundries on Sunday, things needed to complete the living and dining rooms.

Solved the bulb problem with the dining room chandelier: bought different bulbs, a more antique-y shape, smaller in diamater, fits perfectly. No problem, and we can even return the bulbs that don't fit. Win-win.

Got some switches and service covers, and dining room is finito.

Mrs. Fungus wanted a new doorbell.

We ended up getting one that can be set to play one of twelve different ringtones, and one of them is a few bars of Beethoven's Fifth.

Mrs. Fungus: (singing along with the ringtone) I'm at the door! I'm at the door! I'm at the door I'm at the door I'm at the door!

Me: Kill me now.

She bought it.

So, last night I had this dream where we had some guy over here to fix something, and someone rang the doorbell and it was set to that ringtone...and when it started playing, the repair guy, grinning, put up his hands and started revolving, wrapping himself in toilet paper in the process.

Of course, since I was watching this guy do this, I wasn't answering the door, so the doorbell kept playing Beethoven, and the guy kept grinning and revolving and wrapping himself with the toilet paper. the pet show the other weekend Mrs. Fungus bought a dreamcatcher. Since then, weird dreams. WTF.

* * *

Oh well. Could be worse.

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