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#6326: I've said many times

I will never have one of those golden rocket ships. I did not figure that this would be why, though.

N.K. Jemisin became the first author ever to win three consecutive "Best Novel" Hugo Awards.

This puts her in pretty rarefied territory. The greats of SF's golden age didn't manage a feat like this; people like Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke--none of them managed three in a row.

...but the former link says it best:
Three Hugos in three years should not only make her a giant but also the G.O.A.T. [Greatest Of All Time] Up until now she has been able to get by on Hipster Literacy. Which involves hipsters (A) knowing they are supposed to know your, name if they are good hipsters. (B) Reading the plot summary on Wikipedia. (C) going to B&N and reading the first and last chapters of your book without actually buying it and (D) bragging to all their hipster friends on Facebook that they have read your book and that they should too. (E) Cycle repeats without any sales.

And if she can't support herself writing than she obviously isn't getting those sales. Three consecutive Hugo awards should equal one seven figure contract and nobody is even thinking of giving Jemisin so much as a six figure deal.
And here's part of the first page of this much-lauded tome:

I was writing better than that when I was fifteen. While the other kids in my Creative Writing class were trying to write like that.

So she gets three "best novel" Hugos three years running for three stacks of boring drivel. Personally, I think Robert Silverberg said it best:
I have not read the Jemison books. Perhaps they are wonderful works of science fiction deserving of Hugos every year from now on. But in her graceless and vulgar acceptance speech last night, she insisted that she had not won because of 'identity politics,' and proceeded to disprove her own point by rehearsing the grievances of her people and describing her latest Hugo as a middle finger aimed at all those who had created those grievances.
These are the Affirmative Action Hugo awards. And that is the last stop on the line before "complete and utter irrelevance" station; once you're there, it's "out of service" pretty quickly.

The people voting for the Hugo awards think this woman is the greatest SF/F writer of all time. But if she really were, she would have a paycheck to match. The fact that she does not is telling.

* * *

Yep, and you can bet that when they called to talk to Verizon about it the phone rep emitted a bunch of predigested crap about data rates and so forth.

It absolutely does not surprise me in the least that Verizon throttled them. It further does not surprise me that Verizon charged them more for more data.

On the other hand, when I read the article, the fire department reps come across like just the sort of entitled, whiny bitches I hated dealing with when I did that job. Remember what I said a couple of months ago when Verizon wheeled out these new "unlimited" plans? I said they weren't unlimited; they were X many GB of high-speed data followed by the remainder of the month at 3G speeds or lower. That's how everybody does "unlimited" high speed data. Verizon is hardly alone in this; if you look at the other service providers every last one of them throttles their "unlimited" data plan at one point or another. AT&T, Sprint, all of them.

The fire department rep wonders why they can't have truly unlimited high-speed data for $38 a month--that's because NO ONE OFFERS THAT DEAL. Any carrier that did would go broke in pretty short order.

Okay? Let me say that again: NO ONE OFFERS THAT BECAUSE THEY CANNOT. The bandwidth available at a fully built-out cell tower simply is not large enough to make that economical. I forget the exact figures, but the article says "50 Mbps" for 4G LTE data--do you know how many voice-only conversations you can fit in a fifty megabit data pipe? Twelve thousand if you use the standard 4 kHz voice bandwidth. So if I have a cell tower, and I get paid by how many connections run through it in some time period, do I want one guy hogging 50 megabits or do I want twelve thousand people making calls on it? Tell you what: if I do serve that guy with the 50 Mbps line, I want him to pay me as much as the twelve thousand calls I'm not connecting.

That's the problem.

That sort of scaling is why talk and text can be truly unlimited; it's dirt cheap, because the system we have in place is capable of serving a lot of users that 50 Mbps data pipe. But bandwidth to and from the cell tower is finite, and every data user sucking down 50 Mbps has got to pay his fair share--and that is why you cannot get a truly unlimited 4G LTE data plan without paying a lot of money for it.

Incidentally, all of this applies only within the United States. Other countries, which are not saddled with the incredible regulatory burden foisted on us by the FCC, seem to do a lot better with regards to making high-speed wireless data inexpensive.

So: the fire department had a plan which cost $40 a month, and they used up all their data. I have no sympathy here; if you know you need more than 25 GB of data you should buy a plan that has that.

I especially have no sympathy because they had this issue in December and in June--the exact same issue--and should have known after those incidents that the data plan they were on was insufficient to their needs.

* * *

Being a hypocrite is essential to being a leftist.

* * *

Found a "livestream" of a rather nice beach in Japan. Occasionally I tune back in to it to see what's going on.

Right now, there is a young woman in a pink one-piece swimsuit jogging up and down the beach while a guy with a pro-level camera records her antics. Oh, now there's a woman, and another guy with a camera. The woman holds an umbrella over the girl at times, and I just saw her adjust the backside of the swimsuit, so she must be the makeup and stylist.

It could be a commercial or something that they're filming, totally innocuous, but I know the Japanese and I suspect that I'm watching them film the introduction to a porno in real time.

Welcome to the 21st century!

ADDENDUM: Maybe not a porno, maybe a "gavure idol" shoot, where they take lots of risque pictures with extremely little actual nudity. And it's really boring to watch.

* * *

Also, watching Tuff Turf because it's been about a thousand years since I last saw it and happened to find it on YouTube when it is nowhere else (except "buy" from Amazon) and there's a scene where the antagonist drives past a gas station. It looks like there are glowing numerals on the sign so I paused it and tried to see what gas cost when they were filming it.

...then realized, "My dear boy, this was 1984." They didn't have signs like that at gas stations yet; they were still using the acrylic or plexiglas rectangles with numbers on them, and upon further inspection found that I was looking at a "DON'T WALK" sign in the foreground. Oh well.

And in one scene, someone's using a typewriter. LOL.

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