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#6327: No, I think NASA made the right call, here.

The entitlement and arrogance of this asshat are stunning.
Girl gets NASA internship. Uses "fuck" in a tweet. That now-deleted tweet:



Retired NASA dude sees tweet, recognizes language issue (that NASA'd have with the tweet), and tweets back simply "Language."

Girl writes to retired NASA dude, most classily, "Suck my dick and balls I'm working for NASA."

NASA spots tweet or tweets (after girls' friends hashtag it or them). Girl loses internship.
Comments to the article say that the idiot in question is a man who identifies as a woman. I can't find anything which confirms or refutes that. But really, the sex and/or gender of the individual in question is not the issue here (though depending on how the "gender" issue shakes out, it very well could be, due to the delusional nature of the individual in question).

Here's the thing: when you are given an opportunity to work for a high-profile organization, you need to be professional at all times. If it hadn't been for this incident, I have no doubt that there would have been another one, of a highly similar nature, that would lead to the same end, because someone who is predisposed to tell a complete stranger "suck my dick and balls" is probably emotionally incontinent enough that he/she/it/what-the-hell-ever is highly likely to say something like that to the boss.

And you are what you tweet. If you lack sufficient impulse control to consider your words before spooging them all over a social network that can be read by anyone including your employer you might just have other issues besides.

Furthermore, none of the burden of the firing falls on the "retired NASA dude". He's under no obligation to tell you who he is. Before you mouth off to someone, it's up to you to figure out who you're mouthing off to. If you restrain yourself to polite replies, guess what? You don't have to worry about it!

What this idiot should have said to "Language." approximates, "I can't help myself, I'm just so excited because I'm working for NASA!" You know, take the hint and tone it down and stop acting like a five-year-old.

But if this moron is indeed a "trans woman" then I'm completely not surprised by the response, because an entire generation of alternate sexuality has trained itself to be as coarse and abrasive as possible, and they feel entitled to--when reminded of the constraints of polite society--double- and triple-down on the vulgarity. It's an entirely automatic response. "Excuse me, but there are children present; could you please not talk like that?" "Suck my dick and balls, Hitler!"

Certainly in their own community they revel in it; they can't help it because their sexuality (and/or paraphilias) are how they define themselves. If "NaomiH" is actually a "trans-woman" then he/she/it/WTF doesn't say "I'm Naomi from East Wherever," during a self-introduction, but "I'm Naomi and I'm a transwoman from...." because in the unlikely event that you failed to notice the delusional behavior, your face will be rubbed in it. (This is the entire point behind "pride" events.)

I honestly hope that Mr. Hickam is unsuccessful in his attempts to secure this snowflake another internship, or a job, with NASA. Stupid ought to hurt.

* * *

Another example of how stupid ought to hurt is Andrew Cuomo and his "America was never that great" comment. Predictably, he is now backpedaling.
I want to be very clear: Of course America is great, and of course America has always been great. No one questions that.
Sir, it's obvious to all and sundry that you question that, because if you didn't question that, you wouldn't have said something so utterly bone-headed.

You expected people to applaud and clap when you said it. I'd bet a fiver you said it over the objections of your speechwriter, too, and your PR people. Because you yourself believe it, and all the people you associate with believe it.

* * *

The front hole. Right.

This really is idiocy on a grand scale.
I don’t think I'm shocking anyone, then, when I say that the Left don't care about trannies, any more than it cared about gays, Blacks, prisoners, the insane, the Workers, the colonized, or any of their other victims du jour. They're just convenient cudgels with which to beat the Normals. As O'Brien said in 1984, the point of power is power; the point of torture is torture. If you've never been shoved in a locker, you can't know the sadistic delight these people take in forcing Chad and Stacy to parrot this nonsense.
And that's all it is. That impulse is what makes "NaomiH" come back with "suck my dick and balls" instead of "hey, I'm excited, sorry!"

* * *

Yeah, why is this surprising at all? The media will always ignore facts that don't fit the narrative they want to push. They call this "journalism".

* * *

Well, it's a ridiculously nice day today. I was up late screwing around with a story idea that probably won't do me any good; I got to bed about 2:40 and woke up today at 10. I've got a few chores to handle, but that won't take too much, and then I can relax a bit. Whee!

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