atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6328: Aieeeee

I was walking on

That light-colored patch is cleaned concrete. I purposely did that section in the middle of a patch of un-cleaned concrete specifically to highlight the contrast.

Now the entire patio looks like that.

It took me hours to clean the patio today, not the least because I had to rake and sweep first; but when I got to the part by the back door, the raised part, that required that I go inch-by-inch to get it clean.

I know why that happened, though: a few years ago the maple trees all caught some kind of fungus and were dribbling sap everywhere. I discussed it in a blog post, where I had to basically soak the Escort with the hose and scrub to get it off the car; anyway sap landed on the back patio, too--and because it was sticky it accumulated dirt. And the combined dirt and sugar was a nice place for moss to grow, which is why it looks slightly greenish.

It's still kind of surprising to look out through the back windows, though, and see a nice white patio.

Learned two things, though. 1) if I keep needing a pressure washer, I'm going to have to upgrade to one with more oomph. 2) always assume it will take at least twice as long to pressure-wash something as you think it will.

Oh well. Time for bed.

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