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#6329: That's a good point.

Karl Denninger doesn't like Trump at all and is very gung-ho on "rule of law" which is why he's saying what he's saying there--but Giuliani makes a fantastic point here.

If this Cohen thing really is a big deal, big enough to indict the President over--if this is actually a campaign finance crime and it really is as serious as the media is playing it--then why on Earth isn't Hillary also facing punishment for her illegal campaign financial shenanigans?

* * *

They are doing exactly what Zimbabwe did, and expecting a different result.

Much the same way Zimbabwe did, South Africa is taking land from white farmers and giving it to black people. Right now SA can feed itself, but that condition is not going to last. By this time in 2020 South Africa will be importing food by the ton. I expect by 2025 there will be famine. Because exactly as was the case with Zimbabwe, they are taking the land from the people who know how to work it, and giving it to people who do not.

Giving someone a farm does not make him a farmer, any more than giving someone a Formula 1 race car makes him a professional race car driver.

Nationalizing industries, ruining the economy, rampant hyperinflation--this is the track that South Africa will follow. The sitting government is socialist; Nelson Mandela was an avowed communist--which is why the media lionizes him so--and his political party is scarcely any distance away from that.

It's the same track Venezuela has run down over the past twenty years. Only this will be much worse.

* * *

Chicago cannot raise taxes directly, so they borrow more money. Borrowing money means higher taxes in the future.

It would be good if there were a way to curtail that. I don't think there is, though.

And what happens when those bonds come due? Why, they emit a bigger bond issue, one big enough to contain this pile of cash and the interest they're required to pay.

The problem is, of course, that Chicago over-promised and under-invested. And what's going to happen--sooner or later--is that the juggler will drop a plate...and when that happens all the tap dancing in the world won't be enough.

* * *

Kim du Toit discusses something here that I have to agree with, most strenuously:
I think these little Lefty shits need to face up to something: it's all very well to play these little games, but I don't think they realize that our patience may be great, but it's not limitless.
I've seen bits and pieces here from people who have grandparents who lived in Germany in the 1930s, and who talk about how the antifa goons are very much like Hitler's brownshirts. But there is one crucial, critical difference between America 2018 and Germany 1935.

The fact of 1935 Germany itself.

We know what happened. We have that example to draw upon. And because of that, we're not going to give up our guns. We're not going to let them strip us of our rights. We know what side those peckerheads are on; they are on the "boot stomping a human face forever" side of things. They won't admit it now, but if they are allowed to secure the power they want, there will be a lot of useful idiots standing in front of firing squads sputtering helplessly. Just ask the victims of the Khmer Rouge, who supported the communist revolution, how they liked it when Pol Pot had them exectured.

We have 83 years of history that separates us from Germany of 1935, and that history contains eight times more horror and slaughter than Hitler managed--and it was done by people whose ideology is virtually indistinguishable from those that today claim to be "anti-fascist".

Just remember: communists have always been anti-fascist. They don't like the competition.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus brought home chicken breasts, pasta sauce, and ravioli. And you know what that means?

A few weeks or so ago we needed something for dinner. We did have ravioli and sauce, but we had no hamburger or anything. After some digging in the freezer I found a couple of chicken breasts.

So, I sliced the chicken into slabs, hit it with salt, pepper, and garlic powder; then sauteed 'em in butter. The result was amazing, so I've had to make this dish twice since then. It's not difficult, it tastes good, it makes us happy, and there are leftovers for my lunch the next day. What's not to like?

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