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#6332: Odd how they're not trumpeting this one

So, 20-something loses in a video game tournament, pulls out a gun, and shoots some people, then kills himself. We rapidly learned:
1) He's had mental health issues for quite a while
2) He's a member of the "resistance"
3) Because of #1 he did not have a legal firearm
The guns aren't the problem, people; mental illness is the problem.

* * *

I cannot feel sorry for them. Landscaping companies are having trouble getting foreign labor because of a change in how the work visas are doled out.

One owner of a landscaping business "...noted that higher wages and generous bonuses did not attract American workers." Higher than what? Another owner said he'd raised wages by 40%, but again the article does not say 40% of what. For example, if they formerly paid minimum wage? Federal minimum is $7.25 an hour. 40% of that is $2.90. So who wants to stand on a lawn mower all day for $10 an hour?

These are businesses which are built on cheap foreign labor. I cannot feel sorry for them when the government finally changes things so that cheap foreign labor is less available.

Incidentally--you know that mexican who killed that girl in Iowa? His employer was a farm. The owner of that farm didn't bother to do anything that might prove the guy was an illegal alien; in fact he bent over backwards not to. For that, he should be awaiting trial, for violating immigration and employment laws.

We need to crack down on every business that does this, and by that I mean people need to start going to jail for it. If employers stop hiring illegals, most of them will stop coming here. It's that damned simple.

And this is decidedly something we need to fix.

* * *

It's the last week of August, so it's naturally hot and muggy outside. School's starting, after all!

* * *

Chore for this week is to get Jeep smogged and plated. Whee.
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