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#6335: Once more to the well

CNN claims that criticism of antifa is "racist".

Okay: antifa is a group made primarily of white people. There are some minorities in it but nearly all antifa goons are white people. So how can anyone's criticism of it be considered racist?

Well, in the twisted minds of the post-modernist, deconstructionist left, antifa is perceived as black, and so it's racist to be critical of them, because of course whenever you are critical of black people it's because you're a racist.

This is one of those statements which is so patently fatuous, it makes you more stupid just to consider it.

* * *

As said previously, I'm not celebrating McCain's death--I reserve that for the deaths of the worst people on Earth, like Castro or Arafat--but there are plenty of people who consider the man a pox on Mankind's escutcheon:

I'm unwilling to characterize him as a "traitor". As far as I know, John McCain was tortured by the communists in Vietnam. Unless you've been tortured, I think you don't have a right to be critical of people who crack while being subjected to deliberate agony. It is true that he gave the communists information which vastly improved their ability to take down American planes, but whose fault is that, really?

Think about it: part of "operational security" involves telling people only what they need to know, because if they are captured and tortured they will tell their torturers everything they know. You must not only bear this fact in mind but you must plan on it happening.

The war in Vietnam was badly bungled. Johnson insisted on micromanaging the thing, and considering the political nonsense that hung all over that war, the idea that attacking aircraft would follow one specific route every time does not greatly surprise me. The information held by one pilot should not have been enough that his capture resulted in: estimate that we started losing 60% more aircraft and more men than we had previously. This went on for about a month, and it got so bad, that they finally called off the bombing of North Vietnam because of the information that McCain had given to them.
Why did McCain have enough information that he could do that? From an operational security standpoint that's insane, for exactly the reason given.

His political career, however, is fair game. McCain was, politically, a skunk.

* * *

This is stupid, and intrusive, and I bet it won't work. Illinois wants to tax its residents by miles driven.

So here's what happens to me, now, with this in effect:

1) I buy gasoline, which is a tax on how many miles I drive.
2) I drive on the tollway system, because there is absolutely no other good way for me to get to work every day, which is a tax on how many miles I drive.
3) I have to plug a box into my Jeep, which monitors how many miles I drive, and I get billed for it.

There's no way the law won't pass; if Mike Madigan wants it, he gets it. So here's hoping that the inevitable lawsuits will be successful in overturning this horseshit as unconstitutional.

What will happen is that people who can will buy older cars without ODBII ports. I might just start driving Buttercup to work every day....

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