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#6342: Judge not

I'm of the opinion that any Christian preacher who uses his clerical title to shill for Democrat and/or leftist ideas ought to be defrocked, as he's advocating things that are so far removed from the teachings of Christ as to be anathema. Jesse Jackson is no different.

He says Trump won't go to heaven? Well, guess what? Who goes to heaven--and who does not--IS NOT FOR JESSE JACKSON TO SAY, or indeed any Earthly power. It's not up to Jesse Jackson or Jeremiah Wright or Al Sharpton or Michael Pfleger or any of the other myriad of false priests that shill for the Democrat party.

Jesse Jackson is entitled to his opinion and he can say that he thinks Donald Trump won't go to heaven as much as he likes. But it carries no weight whatsoever.

* * *

And in the "Life is even harder when you're stupid" column, we have Nike signing Colin Kaepernik to endorse their products. Tagline superimposed on Kaepernik's not quite white face: "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything."

People are burning Nike stuff in response and Nike's stock valuation dropped 3.9% today.

This ad is nothing but fatuous horseshit. Colin Kaepernik didn't sacrifice anything. He was a multimillionaire before he "took a knee" and he is still a multimillionaire. Further, when Nike picks you to be the face of their company, they don't exactly pay you in nickels.

His net worth is something like $20 million. I'd like to "sacrifice" like that, myself, come to think of it.

Guess Nike hates America.

Pity, though; I liked Nike shoes. Now I need to find a new brand.

* * *

Why be upset? It passed spell check! *rolleyes*

* * *

Capturing an image using quantum entanglement. Two entangled photons, one bounces off an object and triggers a camera; the other--which never went anywhere near the object--is captured by the camera. Repeat several trillion times, and you have an image. Constructed of photons which never interacted with the object.

Yes, quantum physics is weird. Yes, this makes perfect sense to me. You do the math from there.

* * *

This is one of many reasons Democrats hate Trump so much. The improving economy means less people dependent on government.

* * *

I had to work the holiday, of course; Monday is a regular workday for me but because I'm a contractor I must work holidays even though it's typically optional for full-timers. And I don't get time-and-a-half, nor do I get holiday pay. So where a full-time $MAJOR_HARDWARE employee would get paid 2.5x his regular wage, I regular wage. Because contractor.

...and I spent most of yesterday watching Yawara!, because there was absolutely nothing to do all day and I had to be there for the full 8.5 hours (half-hour lunch). So, I'm not complaining about it at all, and I'm glad to have a job.

And I do still like my job, so that's fine.

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