atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#634: Damn it

They just keep coming.

Agustin Meyers attempts to hook me up with women who wish to cheat on their significant others. I'm not interested in that kind of relationship, Agustin, so shove it.

Alexandria Perdue informs me of some kind of escort registrar. The problem is, I've already got an Escort I want to get rid of. Maybe I can register my Escort on that site and someone will buy it.

I am congratulated by No Problem with, "Good Erection"! Thank you! I'd like to thank the academy and to dedicate this award to....

Lauren Summers warns me, "Get ready for sex in 15 min". I have been waiting "15 min" since 2003--about four years now--and still no sex has happened to me. Damn it. I hate it when the sex is late.

* * *

These precious few were winnowed from 27 messages in my spam box. Many were repetitions of earlier spam, and I dislike recycling wisecracks. Several of them were the same subject from different users.

But it's pretty easy to make fun of spam, because it's so frickin' stupid most of the time. I realize that the humor I use here is a kind of snide, sarcastic humor rather than the full-on "HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! THAT'S SO FUCKIN' FUNNY!" kind of humor. It's the smirking kind of "heh" humor.

This is why I would never make it as a comedian.

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