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#6344: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, part 47,592,245

South Africa is beginning to suffer an UNEXPECTED! recession and a drop in agriculture after they started taking farms from white farmers and giving them to black people.

This was unexpected by anyone who:

A) Paid no attention to what happened in Zimbabwe; or
B) routinely votes Democrat; or
C) attended any Ivy-league university.

* * *

So, that one restaurant hounding Sarah Sanders out has had some, well, let's say "repercussions", not just for that restaurant but for the whole town. Somehow, the entire town of Lexington, Virginia, got a reputation for being unwelcoming. I mean, a person from the Trump administration was harangued and ejected from a restaurant by the person who turned out to be in charge of the local chamber of commerce, or whatever it was called.
Thus, the town's tourism suffered thanks to the angry leftist who has made Lexington look like a bastion of hate. Who wants to go to a town where you might get refused service if they happen to find out you support a politician they don't like?

Who would risk being treated like garbage when you are just trying to relax and enjoy yourself?
It really warms my heart to read this story, because it means that the free market still works.

* * *

Idiots, convinced that "the science is settled", learn the hard way that it most certainly is not settled.

Meanwhile there are more trees in the world than there were thirty years ago. In fact, almost 900,000 square miles more.

* * *

Let Kim du Toit's words speak for themselves.
As for the [whistle] blower: she lived in a world of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll for year after year, but didn't quit. Then she jumped a few musicians and wondered why she was treated like a spare piece of ass in the office.
Aren't they always, though?

* * *

And going against the theme of this post:

Nice. A "what if" scenario for the prequel Star Wars movies.

* * *

Today was errand day, and now I'm completely beat. I still have things to do, though, so I'm going to do them before I collapse. Whee!

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