atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6345: The entirely predictable consequence of action

Nike, Levi Strauss, and Dick's Sporting Goods. All three of them decided to preach leftist politics at people. So far, Dick's and Nike have learned what that means. What about Levi Strauss?

* * *

So, a delusional man, an accused rapist, is sent to womens' prison because he identifies as a woman. He sexually assaulted four female inmates within a few days of his incarceration.

* * *

...and I went to work today.

$Major_Hardware is switching offshore service providers. Where they used to use Company A, they now use Company B, presumably because they are cheaper. Well, they're getting what they pay for.

This afternoon, after I had lunch, I had a period where the calls came in one after another, and half of them were people wanting updates on their Priority 1 tickets which had been called in earlier in the day. One of them was seven hours old.

Priority 1 tickets are supposed to be either resolved in half an hour, or referred up the food chain for scrutiny. I fielded calls about a good half-dozen tickets which were more than an hour old and hadn't even been looked at.

I get the strong suspicion that this new company doesn't really know WTF its doing, because half the time I get a call from one of their techs its so he can ask the requestor some question which is already answered in the friggin' ticket.

To make things even more entertaining, that new warehouse in Pennsylvania is staffed by idiots. Trying to put Offshore in contact with a guy at the place, so I call the number on the ticket and get an answering machine. Call the warehouse and dial 0 for operator; tell the guy who answers the phone who I need to talk to, and he sends me to the line that just dropped to voice mail, so I hit * to go back to the guy who answers the phone and ask him to page the requestor. Well, they can't page people, for some inane reason.

I have become frustrated enough with that crap that I have written two emails about it, but ultimately decided not to send either one, because I can't offer any solution other than TEACH THOSE IDIOTS HOW TO PAGE PEOPLE SO I CAN DO MY FUCKING JOB. *sigh*

To hell with it all; I'm going to bed.

After I take out the trash.


...of course I go and empty the wastebaskets and clean the cat box and cut up the cardboard and bin everything, and I'm just about to take the can down when I realize Monday was a holiday and trash collection is therefore delayed a day.


Plus side, I won't have to do all that tomorrow; just take the can down. But I still wish I would have thought of that before I did all that work....

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