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That's what happens when you start typing without making sure your fingers are positioned correctly on the home row. "I don't even know what I'm doing"

Today was a typical Saturday: hurry up and wait. Hurry to work, then sit almost all day doing nothing, and then in the last couple of hours, a little bit of activity.

I fielded one call which was an actual computer problem, which is unusual; but otherwise I was mainly doing the "stand and wait" part of my job.

Thursday was insane, as I noted previously, at least partly because of the switchover in offshore companies; Friday was better but still fairly busy. Saturdays are a lot more relaxed.

I watched thirteen episodes of Yawara!

My little 2.5" 1 TB drive, that I originally got to plug into the BluRay player in order to watch anime on it, also has a backup of my entire Documents folder, so I keep it with my laptop. Among other things, it has the entirety of Yawara! on it.

Problem is, 2/3 of the files are in MKV format, which Windows Media Player (or whatever it's called on Win 7) cannot play. And of course I can't install a codec pack or anything on the work PC. So there I was, today, with my laptop on the desk playing Yawara!, an earbud in the ear that doesn't have headset covering it.

That worked extremely well. When I got a call, all I had to do was hit the "pause" button on the laptop; I could do that with one movement, just detouring my hand a short distance on its way to the mouse. Pause, accept call, remove earbud, greet caller. And this wasn't a problem, because I had like three calls prior to five PM. One of them was for me; the others were for other departments and had simply navigated the phone system tree incorrectly.

It was either that, or fall asleep sitting at my desk. Seriously. I wouldn't even be doing this but for the fact that--some weeks ago--I could hear that the woman in the cubicle next to me was watching Game of Thrones on her iPad.

The thing is, I don't remember where I left off when I stopped watching Yawara! Last week, when I was bored at work, I picked up at the top of the directory, which was something like ep 45 or so. I had run out of new episodes, and wasn't watching the show at all when I found the torrent with all the eps in it. I haven't watched any Yawara! for at least five years, after all, so it's not surprising that I wouldn't remember. So I watched the eps where she goes to Seoul to take part in the Judo World Cup, not remembering how that turned out. Then we came to the part where Fujiko decides to make a judo club at their 2-year womens' college, and while I could remember elements of that story arc I couldn't really remember much of it, so that was also pretty much a surprise to me.

I think I've now gotten past the part I'd previously seen. I don't remember seeing the end of the judo tournament the new Mitsuba Womens' College Judo team takes part in; certainly I didn't have an inkling of who won that, and how.

So, I've seen through ep 70 now.

* * *

I expect it'll be time to drain the pool pretty soon. We didn't get it set up until mid-July and I think we may have used it three times this year. This summer was even more moderate than last summer was; I wasn't trying to clean out the garage and the attic this year, so of course-- And we've been so busy that there have been hot days where we simply didn't have time to take a dip. Like this past Wednesday; we ran errands all day.

The big pump and filter really was a good investment, though.

* * *

Finally an explanation for "and called it macaroni" in "Yankee Doodle". I think my grade-school music teacher explained that to my class, once, and I forgot it.

It's an article about a tavern frequented by George Washington.

Anyway, I take exception to:
You've got to look carefully where you tread in the tavern, because you're likely to walk past some Smithsonian-worthy bits of history, like the painted panel of an eagle that adorned Washington's carriage on the way to his inauguration. "He was pretty bummed he couldn't serve for life," he says, "he would've liked to give himself this position as a kind of King of America."
Uh, no, that's completely 100% incorrect. George Washington was offered that job and he turned it down cold.

* * *

Sometimes I wonder how much of my personality is the result of being an avid watcher of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood when I was a wee tyke. I'm not sure how old I was when I stopped watching it, but during my formative years it was appointment TV for me. That and Romper Room.

I wouldn't even be thinking about this if my wife weren't watching the documentary about Fred Rogers. Oh well.

* * *

Next project is the bathroom. Wednesday I will be starting on the drywall. Whee!

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