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Today I'll start with Pixy's latest post because it says this:
This article about web bloat is three years old but things haven't improved. It points to a news article about web bloat that was 18MB for a single page. I clocked it at 1.2MB with Adblock enabled, and 22MB without - and page elements were still loading after two minutes.

Don't go there without Adblock. Seriously.
...which is another reason I won't turn off the ad blocker. Even when they don't have malware, ads are intrusive and they suck bandwidth and it takes time for them to download.

* * *

Canon matters. I just don't know what else to say about it.

* * *

Tennis has long struck me as a sport for spoiled assholes. Of course it's natural for someone who's on the top of the heap for a while to get angry about being deposed, because they forget that one of the prime features of taking part in any sport is "sometimes you lose the game", which is right up there next to "there is always someone better than you".

But when they lose their shit over it, throwing temper tantrums because they lost, that's what relegates them to "spoiled asshole" status.

What makes an athlete a role model is when they demonstrate that they can not only win, but lose, graciously. Serena Williams obviously is no role model.

First off, she got penalized because of a rules violation: her coach was illegally coaching her during the match. Some people are saying that she shouldn't be penalized for her coach's actions, but the fact is that it gives the coached player an unfair advantage: someone who is seeing the game from another perspective and who is not actually on the court is giving advice. If you take that penalty to the player away, it removes the incentive not to cheat.

Having been caught cheating and being thus penalized, she argued with the referee about it, and got further penalized. The same people saying she shouldn't be penalized for what her coach did say blame these penalties for "throwing her off her game". Well--if you can't take a penalty without getting so emotional that it screws up your game and you can't play, you clearly don't have what it takes to play at that level.

A post at AoSHQ about this nonsense.

The NY Post commentary.

What an asshat.

* * *

It's a pleasantly cool and quiet early autumn day. I had a list of things I wanted to do today, but upon further consideration I realized that I have not had a day off for quite a while--which is to say, a day where I didn't hump and scrape and lift and carryand do--and so I'm going to eschew that nonsense for now. I probably will still wash the dishes, but all the other chores are going into the "postpone" column.

* * *

Last night, while digging around in my old hard drives, I found the installer for Torchlight. That's no good without the serial number; it gives you a demo version you can play for two hours before it dies.

Thinking about it, I did some more digging and found the emails from that era, still intact on the drive, and further they were text-searchable so I was able to find the email with my license key for the game. Woohoo!

This is why I, when upgrading to a new computer, prefer to pull the drive from the old computer rather than just copy stuff over: all the information I needed was actually there, and I just needed to figure out how to get at it.

"Invalid serial number," it said when I tried to enter it. *sigh*

...but it occurred to me that the installer is old enough that the game might not be compatible with Win 8.1, so I'm going to see if I can't download a newer version of the game and then try the code with it.

Later, though.

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