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#6349: Mondays are how I pay for Saturdays

Yeesh, it was busy today, and in fact I got stuck on a call that kept me 14 minutes over. Argh etc.

Oh well. No biggie.

* * *

This is pretty entertaining. The entire time Trump has been in office the Democrats have been straining to find an impeachable offense, and they've failed, because there's nothing Trump has done that a Democrat didn't do first, and more egregiously, and was given a pass for by the press.

But even if we accept that the Democrats have something that approximates an impeachable offense--even if we are generous and allow them that much--they first need to seize a majority in the House of Representatives, and that does not look likely in the upcoming election. They may win seats, but from here it looks as if there won't be any "blue wave" that turns the House Democrat.

But hey, let's give them that much. The House goes hard blue in November, and the new Congress is seated in January, and the very first thing they do is ramrod through the articles of impeachment. Congratulations, Democrats, you've impeached Trump.

Now the Senate must vote to remove Trump, and it requires 60 votes to remove him. The Democrats will not have 60 votes. There simply aren't enough Senate seats in play; Senators are elected on a rotation to 6 year terms and only 1/3 of the Senate is ever up for re-election at any given time. (Unlike the House, which is elected in its entirety every two years.)

But WTF! Let's just say something happens and they manage both to impeach and remove Trump. Just for grins, let's assume they manage that much. For whatever reason--they had tons of dirt on enough GOP Senators that they got the votes to remove Trump from office. That doesn't make Hillary Clinton the President, though; it makes Mike Pence President.

Maxine Waters, the Democrat Representative from looney tunes, says they'll impeach Pence next.

And I then must ask them: on what charge?

Seriously: what impeachable offense do they get Pence on? The answer is, "They don't have anything," so they need to spend two years ginning up some shit the way they have with Trump; and by the time they do that, well, the next election is here--and the American people are so fucking sick and tired of the sore losers that they reelect Pence or--if denied that--someone even worse for leftists than Trump.

If they don't re-elect Trump himself.

But just to have more fun with this, let's say they impeach Pence, too, and remove him from office. That still doesn't make Hillary Clinton the President; it makes whoever Pence appoints for his VP into the President.

And if I'm Pence, right after I take my oath of office, I appoint someone whose mere existence sets leftists' heads on fire. Someone so hard right he can't even see Ronald Reagan from where he's standing. I'm not sure who that is, but I'm sure there's someone. (In fact, I pardon Trump, too.) So if they do impeach and remove me, they get someone much worse than Trump or Pence.

Simple fact is, Maxine Waters is smoking the whackity crackity.

* * *

Do you know what I do if I see people wearing those kinds of pins at a restaurant? I turn around and walk out. I go to the restaurant's Facebook page and I tell them why I walked out: "I came to your establishment for food, not for a political rally."

* * *

Friggin' lunatic, and of course he's an Illinois politician. Or would-be politician, at any rate.

Here's a little fact for you, goombah boy: there are no Nazis in the White House. I can say that with authority because "a Nazi" means "someone who is a member of the German National Socialist Party".

* * *

Yeah, that's about all I've got right now.

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