atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6352: Well, that part is done

I have finished demolition.

The entire wall that had the wallpaper mural on it has had its drywall removed, so now we have bare studs in there. In a few minutes, once I get my wind back, I'm going to start putting up the new drywall.

Today's exercise has been taken care of, though, so I won't be doing my 20 minutes on the treadmill. Not with all the work I've done today. Ha!

I'm going to need to vacuum, too, and then take a shower. Right now it looks like a cocaine factory exploded in there, with all the white powder everywhere.

This job was approximately as messy as I'd expected it to be. I was able to use a utility knife to cut the drywall into sections, and remove those sections pretty cleanly, but there's still a lot of mess to be made when you're pulling down drywall even if you're trying not to.

Funny thing: I couldn't find my utility knife, but I found an older one in the junk drawer--old enough that it had five spare blades in the handle, oiled and wrapped in paper! I had to flip the extant blade over because it was jagged and dull, and found the packet of blades in the handle, where you'd expect there to be spare blades. Of course the Chinesium utility knives you get from Harbor Freight, just for going into the store, don't have spares in them, and the utility knife I was trying to find was actually a chimera of two cheapass knives I'd had, one of which worked and the other which did not; since they're all pretty much designed the same way I was able to take the blades from the nonworking one and use them in the working one. I last had that one when I took the carpet out of the living room; it's since disappeared. Oh well.

So I'm planning to put up a full sheet next to the new drywall that's sticking out from under the tub surround, and then I'll cut the remaining sheet to size and stick it in next to that one.

The next step, once the drywall is in, is to mud the shit. That's going to be a job in itself, but I'm not undertaking that one tonight, or even this week; that will wait until next Wednesday. I'll have to remove the trim from around the door--at least the side and top--in order to mud that corner, but otherwise there'll be the joint between ceiling and wall to do, and one butt joint right down the middle. Three seams total, two of which are corners; I think that'll be okay--and once everything is dried and sanded, we'll hit it with a good primer, and then it'll be time to paint the bathroom. Again, we'll do ultra white on the ceiling, and Mrs. Fungus is considering a neutral grey color for the walls. We'll see.

I'm going to buy some trim to stick on the edge of the soffet over the tub, and then I'm thinking I'll run a strip of LEDs behind it. One little 1/8" hole will do for the wiring, and I can plug that with silicone once it's done; and then we can have some lighting over the tub. Configurable lighting: pick a color and enjoy. Hooking the power supply and controller to the light switch is elementary, and I can put the remote control receiver in a strategic spot so it's not noticeable. Probably take another 1/8" hole for that, but if I put it next to the light fixture or something you'd never see it.

But first we need to get the drywall up, and that's not going to happen if I keep sitting here. *sigh*

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