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#6354: US is number one!

The #1 oil producer in the world, bar none. Well, WTF, with Texas alone being the #3 producer, it was kind of inevitable, wasn't it?

Now, if only we had the infrastructure needed to turn shale oil into gasoline etc, we could tell the entire rest of the world to stuff its oil.

Funny bit: I recall, in the 1970s, all the wistful statements about shale oil. "Oh, there's all this oil locked up in shale, and it's such a pity we'll never be able to extract it...." "Never" is a long time, buttplugs.

* * *

This is the best way to understand "land reform" in South Africa. It's really not all that long a read and it nicely digests the history of the region.

And, by the way:
The average person on the street likely thinks that Nelson Mandela was imprisoned simply for being black or opposing apartheid. In fact, he was imprisoned for a bombing campaign carried out by Umkhonto we Sizwe, of which he was the head. In fact, Nelson Mandela was convicted of 193 acts of terrorism. He was offered his freedom multiple times on the simple condition that he condemn terrorist attacks against the apartheid regime. He refused every time.
And let's not forget that Mandela was a member of the South African Communist Party.

...which is why the press loved him so much.

* * *

What the hell is going on over by Boston? At least 70 homes affected by gas issues, from "strong gas odor" to fires to explosions.

* * *

The Chicago and Cook County property tax disaster. Repeat after me, folks: "The taxpayers will just have to pay for the pensions!" You vote for this shit, every time.

* * *

Holy crap was today a frustrating day. I just want to hack a few things and go to bed.
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