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#6358: I just can't think of anything to summarize it with. Heh.

So, the whole Kavanaugh confirmation hearing thing--

Democrats have tried everything to get in the way of his confirmation. The problem is, when they were the majority party, they systematically did away with anything they could use (as minority party) to stand in the way of the majority party's nominees. They did that because Republicans were effectively using these things to get in the way of Democrat nominees, because Democrats stood in the way of previous Republican nominees.

You see, it used to be--before the Supeme Court was an unelected Democrat legislature--that these hearings were mainly pro forma, part of "advise and consent". That changed after Roe v Wade, because abortion is the sacrament of leftists and Democrats legalized it via judicial fiat. Now absolutely nothing must be allowed to get in the way of as many abortions happening as possible, and the barest hint of the Supreme Court having a constructionist majority gives Democrats the vapors.

When Reagan nominated Bork, the Democrats absolutely could not allow that. When Bush nominated Clarence Thomas, they did their best to prevent his confirmation, and failed.

Now they're trying it all with Kavanaugh.

The latest and greatest was when Senator Dianne Feinstein, D from Wacky-cracky-land, suddenly brought up this letter from a woman, alleging that--thirty five years ago--Kavanaugh tried to rape her or did something sexual-assaulty-like, and this is why the Senate must not confirm Kavanaugh. They need to investigate because, of course, it's the seriousness of the charge.

There are no other instances, no other women claiming that Kavanaugh did anything like that. It is just this one woman who is, by the way, very heavily Democrat, to the point of self-labeling as an "activist". There are no other people coming forward to say, "Yeah, she told me about it!" with the exception of her husband and her therapist. Apparently she got macked on in 1985, then forgot all about it until 2012, when suddenly--in couples' therapy--she remembered.

There have never been any other inklings that Kavanaugh was like Ted Kennedy or Bill Clinton. Kavanaugh has been appointed to other positions and not once has anything like this ever come to light. But suddenly, with the confirmation vote looming on Thursday, now this letter comes out, at the very last minute, after absolutely nothing else worked, this last ditch hail Mary shitbomb comes out of Feinstein's office on a Friday afternoon and then she disappears.

Democrats desperately want to delay the inevitable. They have two choices: vote against Kavanaugh and make themselves look like partisan asshats who want to do nothing but oppose Trump (ie tell the truth, which is anathema to them), which will cost them votes in the upcoming election, or else vote for someone they really don't want confirmed to the Supreme Court. The squish Republicans (but I repeat myself) have much the same problem, to a lesser extent.

I have seen commentary to the effect that this bullshit is going to backfire on them. I've seen other commentary that this horseshit is all fake and won't stand up to scrutiny, which is why Feinstein sat on it for two months and only released it at the last second.

* * *

So, the documents which would prove Trump colluded with Russia? He just ordered that they all be released, 100% unredacted, nothing blacked out.


* * *

Hypocrisy is the prime attribute of leftists, and feminism is leftism. Heh.

* * *

So, to make the hurricane seem more dramatic, we have Weather Channel people doing "walking against the wind" mime schtick, and CNN doofus Anderson Cooper standing up to his waist in a ditch while his camera crew stand on the road in maybe six inches of water.


* * *

Having missed exercising on Friday and Saturday (Sunday's the day off) I was going to hit the treadmill tonight...and halfway through work today my left heel starts hurting tremendously, right where the Achilles tendon attaches, and I can barely walk without limping.


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