atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#635: Halloween decoration is a "hate crime"?

Halloween decoration is a hate crime!

"We're not casting spells against people, we're just worshipping the moon, the goddess, the Earth." what does a classic Halloween witch have to do with you? If you're a Wiccan/pagan/whatever, what does the green-skinned witch in a pointy hat have to do with you and your religion anyway?

People like this woman insist that all that stuff--casting spells, brewing potions, making pacts with infernal creatures, etcetera--isn't what Wicca is about (or paganism or whatever) yet she gets her panties in a bunch when a neighbor hangs up a Halloween decoration which evokes that kind of character.

Most of the time they claim that the classic "witch" is not representative of them and their religion, but the instant someone sets one up as a Halloween decoration suddenly it's a "hate crime"?

Either the classic witch from folklore--who is evil, casts spells, turns people into frogs, makes pacts with Satan, etc--either that is what you are, in which case the guy's decoration is a "hate crime"; or else that is not what you are, in which case it's just a Halloween decoration after all. You can't have it both ways.

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