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#6360: Wow--they are SCARED

Democrats are screaming about Trump's plan to declassify the documents that supposedly prove he should be impeached. I could point out--and go into detail about--the hypocrisy of people who gave Hillary a pass for having a private and open email server for official communications, now being upset that the one official in the government who actually has the power to decide what is secret and what is not is deciding to declassify something; I could do that, but we all know that in order to be a leftist you have to be a complete hypocrite first, so I won't bother.

What is really important about it is their reaction. They are screaming about protecting "means and methods", something they've never cared about before. They want it all to be "reviewed" before it's released.

They're also complaining that this move is meant to undermine Mueller's investigation into the Big Fat Russian Collusion Nothingburger. These same documents were supposed to prove that Trump did it, but had to be censored, and that kept them from being a real smoking gun, you bet! --and now that they face the threat of uncensoring the things so everyone can see the "real smoking gun" they're screaming about how Trump had better not do it because it will undermine the investigation.

Only a fricking Democrat could label a legitimate defensive move "undermining". Looked at that way, then, the Battle of Britain was "undermining" Hitler's dominance of Europe! (Yeah, Godwinned myself. No one cares.)

The long and the short of it is, here, that the last thing the Democrats want is for that nonsense to be declassified--and to me, that says DECLASSIFY IT ALL NOW.

* * *

Why make Florence look worse than it is? The flooding is pretty bad; the storm hit shore and essentially stalled there, because in that area the mountains are not too far from the sea and weather has a lot of trouble going over mountains.

But as bad as it is, it is not bad enough for the media, who want all kinds of dramatic pictures and video clips. Having eight inches of water all over the place is bad--you just try living a normal life like that, with no power--but as inconvenient and messy and uncomfortable as it is, it just doesn't look like anything. And the authorities aren't letting nonessential personnel through to where the flooding is actually bad.

So Anderson Cooper puts on waders and stands in a ditch, where the water comes up to his waist, and talks about how bad the flooding is. Some Weather Channel git pretends to be struggling to stand up against the gale, while two guys amble past in the background, completely unconcerned about the stiff breeze.

...and then the news media wonder why no one trusts anything they say.

* * *

Yes the Anderson Cooper story is from Hurricane Ike, in 2008, not from Florence in 2018. But fake news is fake news. So, the same way the media likes to take utterly false stories that make Republicans look bad and say they're "essentially true", I can say with authority this one is also "essentially true". At least this one actually has the guy doing what it claims he did--just earlier.

* * *

Wow, that's seven lies for the price of one. #3 especially--if Kavanaugh is confirmed, he personally will overturn Roe v. Wade, thus ending abortion on demand in the US and casting us all into Margaret Atwood's dystopian hell of Handmaid's Tale.

About like this:
Official: " help me God."

Kavanaugh: help me God.

MC: Now Justice Kavanaugh will make a few brief remarks.

Kavanaugh: All right, bitches! Let me tell you how it's gonna be now that Badass Gangsta K is in charge! That whole "abortion on demand" thing? OVER! Right now! My secret police have fanned out across the nation and even now are arresting both doctors and their patients for committing abortion! Now, all you little fillies, you just line up for your red cloaks and hats over there, 'cause you got some serious handmaidening to do....
...this is not how it works.

What has to happen is, a lawsuit has to be started somewhere, and it has to wind its way through the legal system, surviving a great number of challenges to make it to the Supreme Court. Now, even if a lawsuit makes it there, the Supreme Court can refuse to hear the case. The justices vote on whether or not to hear the case. Kavanaugh gets one vote, not all of them.

Then, when the case is heard, the justices vote on a ruling. Again, Kavanaugh gets one vote.

But let's say everything goes right, and Roe v. Wade is overturned. What happens next? Is there a run on red cloaks and weird white hats? Are all women immediately forced out of the workforce, and have their shoes taken away, and are relegated to the kitchen? Do all abortions stop immmediately as they have become illegal?


What happens is that the question of the legality of abortion goes back to the states where it belongs. So, yes, there will eventually be states where abortions are illegal. There will be many more, however, where it is not illegal. And by the Constitution, there cannot be a law making it illegal for you to cross state lines to get an elective surgical procedure.

So that whole business with the Handmaid uniforms and the end of abortion? Not gonna happen. Abortion--having been legalized by judicial fiat for the last 44 years--will remain legal in a lot of places. Just not all of them, and it'll be up to the people that live in those places.

But you see, this is the problem that the left has with this whole thing. They don't want it to be a local question. They don't even want it to be up to the states. They want a blanket federal law making it legal everywhere, because people stubbornly refused to legalize it in their home towns. Leftists skipped the inconvenient "representative republic" thing and went right to the Supreme Court, which was all too happy to overstep its Constitutional mandate and invent new law out of whole cloth.

And the left is not happy unless as many abortions as possible are taking place.

...and I could go into that level of detail for every single lie that woman told about Planned Parenthood. I don't have that kind of time, so I'll simply say: this organization was originally founded as an eugenicist organization, meant to cull the gene pool of undesirables, including black people. I'm not sure how many millions of black babies have been aborted since 1974, but I'm sure it would make Hitler jealous.

(Damn, Godwinned myself twice in one post. I need to pace myself.)

* * *

These days, they'd just close the golf courses. *sigh*

* * *

Some interesting little shortcuts.

* * *

Well: put the CD rack back out and filled it with many of my CDs. Not wanting to have an untidy stack of disks on top of the rack, I went through both boxes with a view towards winnowing out CDs I am unlikely to need immediate access to. I'm not kidding when I say I probably have as many anime CDs as I do other genres combined, and while I am keeping them, they don't all need to be on display.

...with the result that the box of "keep somewhere" has one complete layer of CDs in it, and the rack has empty spots. 90% of the stuff in the box is anime, either originals or mix disks, because while I really liked listening to, say, that obscure track from Revolutionary Girl Utena in 2000, eighteen years later I don't even think about it--and when I do, I probably have an MP3 on my hard drive.

But, on the other hand, when I want to listen to something that's not on the computer, like Kansas' Monolith, it's right there and all I need is to throw it into the computer's optical drive.

You know, I looked at hard drives last week, on, and they had some big drives going cheap. I mean, 3 TB for under $60. Refurbished--but there's nothing wrong with a factory refurbished hard drive, especially considering that they're usually warranty returns or factory seconds which have essentially been remanufactured to spec. As an offline storage drive, something you don't use all the time but only plug in once in a while, that'd be just fine.

With a big external drive I could, theoretically, rip all my CDs to MP3. With enough money I could get a NAS box with some level of fault tolerance (RAID something-or-other) and have it accessible from anything that can manage a WiFi connection.

...and I would still need the CDs because my truck's stereo's AUX input is flaky.

* * *

Speaking of the truck--time to get after that.
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