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#6362: In other news, DOG BITES MAN!!!!!11111one-one

Get a load of this Arse Technica headline: "The last nuclear reactors under construction in the US are facing opposition". Do tell! When have nuclear reactors under construction in the US NOT faced opposition? Every freaking econazi group in the freaking book line up and protest and sue and obstruct and-and-and every time there is a nuclear reactor under construction.

Oh, but this particular nuclear plant faces opposition because it's going to cost so much. Well, NUCLEAR PLANTS WOULDN'T COST SO MUCH IF ALL THE ASSHATS WOULD GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY.

And if the regulations were sensible and the permitting process wasn't so f-ing asinine.

* * *

So, before I put that axle back in the Jeep yesterday I "exercised" the seized axis. With a hammer: I hit it with a hammer until it was fully bent one way, hit it with the hammer more until it was bent the other way, then hit it with the hammer until it was straight again. It still seemed stiff as a board when I reinstalled it, but today I did not experience any jerking from the steering wheel. Theoretically I should be able to make it to Sunday.

* * *

Occasionally I have episodes of synesthesia when I am falling asleep. "Hypnagogic synesthesia", it's called, and what happens is, if something makes a noise, I see flashes of light. The flashes vary by what the sound is. Usually they'll be colored blobs, and their position in my field of vision depends on what kind of noise they are and what the central pitch of it is. Low notes on the left, high ones on the right. It actually has a spectrum analysis component, so something that's multitonal will light up more than one spot. White noise usually gets the whole field of vision.

Needless to say, the noise invariably wakes me up, so the phenomenon is brief.

I was extra-tired today; and during a lull, I actually fell asleep. Not to worry; my phone rang before I could really go all the way down, but I was far enough gone that the hypnagogic synesthesia was in full swing.

And I saw a yellow swastika when the phone rang. Heh.

Well, not exactly a swastika--one leg bent the wrong way--but "swastika" was what I thought when I saw it, so that'll do.

* * *

Well, it's garbage night, and I have to put out the trash, and before I can do that I have a bunch of other stuff that I need to do. Argh etc.

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