atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6364: This is it for the post today.

Today I'm just gonna do nothing and listen to it being a peaceful autumn day outside. I spend too much time working and concentrating and thinking and pushing and shoving, and today I'm not gonna do any of that.

The notion that you must always be doing comes to me via the Protestant work ethic, which essentially states that because the idle mind is the Devil's playground you must never be idle, and must work your ass off until perhaps eight to ten minutes before you die, excepting meals and sleep periods. It comes with a healthy dollop of guilt, which appears whenever "there's something useful I could be doing."

So, yes: I have an extensive list of things which I could do today:
Vehicle maintenance
cut the grass
writing blog
work on novel
clean basement
Yes, a lot of things which need doing, and which I could do. And there's an equally long list of recreational things I could do.

But what appeals to me is to lay in bed, maybe do a crossword puzzle on my phone, and fall asleep listening to the world just existing. And so that is what I'll do.

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