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#6365: Well, the GOP has managed to let the Democrats bork Kavanaugh

After six FBI background checks now suddenly there are two accusations of sexual misconduct against him.

Another "I was totally drunk off my ass at the time but I remember this VERY CLEARLY" story: Kavanaugh waved his penis in the face of a woman who was so virginal she had taken a vow never to touch a man's penis until she was married. Specifically, he was one of three men to do that, and she is confident that she remembers hearing someone say that "BRETT KAVANAUGH JUST PUT HIS PENIS IN DEBBIE'S FACE" becuase of course she does.

Yes I think this is just as much a pile of horseshit as the first accuser's crap was. I don't think either event actually happened. Well--I'm sure that someone waved his dick in little Debbie's face, traumatizing her for life, and I'm sure that someone climbed on top of the future Dr. Ford and grabbed her boob and tried taking her clothes off until she asked him not to, at which point he stopped, thus traumatizing her so badly that she didn't even remember it had happened until thirty years later.

I just don't think that the "someone" in those instances was Brett Kavanaugh.

For the sake of reference, here are some pages from the high school yearbooks from Dr. Ford's high school during the years she was there.

But! Brett Kavanaugh is the guy nominated for the Supreme Court by Donald Trump, and the Democrat Party wishes to get rid of him, and so here we are: two women pop up to accuse him of being a cad when he was drunk at parties thirty years ago, which is more than enough to disqualify anyone nominated by a Republican, at least according to Democrats.

Predictably enough the left-wing news media (but I repeat myself) are insisting that it's the seriousness of the charge which damns Kavanaugh. I might believe that if they had taken Juanita Broaddrick seriously at all. Or Paula Jones. Or if they'd said anything about Mary Jo Kopechne. Or, if you want a current example, look no further than Karen Monahan.

Autoplay warning but Ms. Monahan has evidence to back up her claim, not just "I remembered thirty years later that...".

Also autoplay warning if you prefer CNN to Fox.

A kid pawing at a girl at age seventeen and stopping when asked to disqualifies him to be on the Supreme Court...but an actual woman-beater is a non-issue because he's a Democrat.

But all of this is irrelevant. By allowing the Democrats time to gin up a second accuser, the Republicans have conceded this fight to the Democrats. It's no longer about how credible the accusation is, or how much evidence is behind it, but whether the charge exists at all, and because there is no penalty or negative consequence for making shit up, nothing but made-up shit will accompany the confirmation process for Republican nominees. It will always be thus.

The vote was supposed to be held already, but has been pushed back a week so that Dr. Ford could "testify". Testify to what? What facts have not already been released? What's going to happen is, she's going to get up in front of the committee and start crying, and the media is going to run that footage 24/7, and then the GOP won't hold the vote on Thursday the 28th they way they're planning to. They've already pushed back the vote; why not do it again?

By bending over backwards so as not to seem "mean" the GOP has given the Democrats plenty of rope with which to hang them. And so at this point--given how the GOP has done things over the past decade or so--it's questionable whether Kavanaugh will even get voted on. Right now I'm thinking "no", which will mean that every last Republican nominee will receive this treatment in perpetuity.

Oh well.

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