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#6367: Troll hunt

So, yesterday's adventure was to go to the Morton Aboretum and see the trolls.

They have these sculptures in various places: little scenes, big trolls doing things. One has a trap. One has a rock and is crushing a car. One is standing in the trees. One's laying on the ground looking at the sky. One stands on hill overlooking I-88.

Mrs. Fungus has been wanting to go all summer, and finally we had time for it, so we went.

The trip up was annoying; the GPS took us a stupid way. Got there, then started our foray.

Besides seeing most of the trolls--we missed one because we went to the wrong parking area--we drove along the entirety of the "main loop" at the place. We saw wildlife--many squirrels and chipmunks, and we even got to see a hawk up close--and watched him get dinner, too. He took off from the tree he was in, flew a short distance, hovered for a moment...and then fwop, he hit the ground, not as fast as you'd think. A few moments later he took off again and there was a small rodent clutched in his talons.

Anyway the weather was perfect--mid-60s, breezy but not cold--but sadly it wasn't enough to keep the damned mosquitos off. *sigh*

Still, after that we went to the Brazilian barbecue place we've only been trying to go to for years and got stuffed to the gills with meat.

All told, a lovely, lovely day.

* * *

10 red flags and Dr. Ford raises all of them. Every last one of these points is hit by this horseshit.

* * *

Why be surprised? The series was approximately as tone-deaf in its original iteration. In any case, big surprise that a series about newsreaders is anti-Trump; that's just realism, is all.

* * *

So, the stupidity continues: $Hardware is breaking in a new offshore software support team, and they're abysmal. Today I spent half an hour on the phone trying to clear up an issue which ordinarily takes three minutes literally to fix if you know what you're doing.

Problem: inventory system says there's a quantity error. Solution: manually change numbers. I would have done it but I don't have the access required to fix this particular error. When this happens, it goes to "Offshore". Problem: new Offshore doesn't know what the hell it's doing.

So when a priority 1 ticket is sent to them, it's supposed to be resolved within the hour. If it's not, then the Support Center rep (me, for example) must call a different phone number and explain to them that this issue is not resolved.

Prior to this--with the old offshore team--I never had to call that number. With the new offshore team, I call it an average of three times a week. I'll put a ticket in, get a call back from them half an hour later, and they're calling because they want a screenshot of the error. Not because they've fixed it and want to confirm the resolution, but because they want more information. Even when all the information they need is already in the damned ticket.


So this quantity error--after explaining and explaining and explaining the problem to the idiot, I finally gave up and hung up on him. I just got sick and tired of trying to make him understand no, you may not close the ticket because the problem is not resolved and there is still an error that needs fixing and it's your job to fix it.

So tomorrow, there'll be another quantity error ticket that generates with this exact same information on it.

* * *

Busy day today, though. Handled over 90 emails.

* * *

I have just been informed that JWoww has filed for divorce.

...I know, I know. I'm just as broken up over this as you are. It's a horrible world, isn't it? But we'll just have to carry on and get through these dark times.


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