atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6369: Solar minimum

So, check this out.

The upper reaches of the atmosphere are cooling. If the atmosphere under that upper atmosphere were warming, do you think the upper atmosphere could be cooling?

The Laws of Thermodynamics say NO.

* * *

Saw somewhere that Trump's next likely nominee for the Supreme Court is a devout Catholic woman. Kavanaugh would only probably vote down Roe v. Wade, but she certainly would.

I admit to having mixed feelings about this. It's like, part of me wants to see Kavanaugh get borked so that I can watch the left lose its shit over this woman. But then I realize that Ruth Bader "Buzzy" Ginsberg isn't likely to toddle on much longer, and the liklihood that Trump will be replacing her, too, is inversely proportional. So--confirm Kavanaugh, and then wait.


* * *

Ha! Ha!!!


Mrs. Fungus and I love that one.

* * *

Haven't got much else to say tonight. At least today wasn't an exercise in frustration like Friday was.

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