atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6375: Episode # 111

Finally I got to see the scene I have wanted to see for twenty frigging years.

Back in my college days, and after I got into anime, I used to get Mangajin. That magazine's big deal was teaching Japanese by using comics, and one of the comics they often used was Yawara!

In one issue they were dealing with manners, things like "please" and "thank you" and "I'm sorry", and for one particularly formal apology they used a panel from Yawara! which featured Hanazono apologizing to Fujiko's parents for getting her pregnant.

I did not get to see any Yawara! until years later when I finally twigged to fansubs--at least two or three years after first seeing that panel--but when I got the first four eps of it I was instantly hooked and wanted to see more--and was eagerly anticipating that scene.

So I knew from the very beginning, long before Fujiko was introduced, that Hanazono was going to knock her up.

The saga played out here in the Fungus, where Y! went out of print in the fansub world because Animeigo bought the rights and were going to release all of it--only to fap around for too long, and after a long delay, release just the first forty eps (which I'd already seen as fansubs) and then crap out. Eventually the fansubbers picked it up again, and someone released all 124 eps of the TV series.

I was watching it in 2012, but then I got married and watching anime kind of...faded out. Because if you have a choice between doing something with your new wife, and sitting by yourself watching anime, which would you pick?

But of course, where I work, I have Saturday duty, which is 90% "stand and wait", so I started watching Y! again, starting at eps I didn't remember seeing but had definitely seen...and finally got to eps I hadn't seen before.

But today--today, that scene, with Hanazono bowing low, his forehead to the tatami and everything, thundering Moushiwake ja arimasen! ("There is no excuse"). And in fact I wound it back and watched that scene again, because I finally got to see it!

I ended up watching through ep 116 today, leaving off at the point where Yawara has quit judo and Fujiko and Hanazono got married and had the baby, and Fujiko is now training for the Olympics in Barcelona. I now have eight episodes left in the series.

I'm going to need to dig out my copy of the final movie, which I last watched in 1999 or 2000, because that sums everything up. Of course Yawara gets back into judo and goes to the Olympics.

Loving this series, too. Just loving it.

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