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#6376: Need another one of these.

My favorite pic of Clarence Thomas:

Gonna need one of Kavanaugh now. Same wording.

I really am pleased as punch that Kavanaugh was confirmed. Even a couple of days ago I was certain he would not be.

* * *

I was thinking, the other day, about how memory is a funny thing.

In the late 80s or early 90s, a friend of mine (now deceased) made a joke wherein Ernie was showing Bert his latest aquisition:

B: What's that, Ernie?
E: It's a .357 Magnum, Bert!

...and after my friend told his funny tale, I seemed to recall seeing an episode of Sesame Street where Ernie did get a gun, a revolver (though not a .357 Magnum). I could see, in my memory, Ernie turning the thing over in his hands, until pween! there's a ricochet sound (absent the report of the gun going off) and--just as in my friend's joke--Bert's tuft of hair being blown off by the bullet.

To this day I can still see that whole scene in my head, the little humorous drama where Ernie got or found a gun--and even though I know such a scene never appeared on Sesame Street, I can still remember watching that scene. I remember thinking that the gun looked like a toy, but that of course they wouldn't show a muppet handling a real gun.

But Sesame Street would never do that--not even in the 1970s (or maybe "especially not")--because they'd never make light of firearms and wouldn't want to make a joke out of a negligent discharge, not even to show that guns are dangerous. Especially since you don't want kids to get the idea that guns are toys, ever.

If I were not inclined to be skeptical about the reality of this memory, I could easily pass a lie detector test about it. "Yes, I saw Ernie blow Bert's hair off with a negligent discharge."

Just saying.

* * *

By the way--

Recently there was a surge in the usual foo-raw about Bert and Ernie being gay, and I was pleasantly surprised by the response from the producers after one of the writers claimed they were gay.

I would expect, ordinarily, them to wholeheartedly endorse that nonsense. "It's a way for kids to learn that it's okay to be gay!" Bert and Ernie living together as gay men in a monogamous relationship, why, that's the kind of thing kids need to see so they don't grow up as homophobes!

But they didn't do that. They said that Bert and Ernie are friends, and that sex has nothing to do with it. ("...they remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation.")

That is exactly 100% correct. There isn't any need for them to be gay. Or straight. Or anything. It's a kid's show, and sex doesn't figure in kids' worlds.

Or shouldn't, at any rate.

* * *

Cloudy and rainy all day. Cloudy now, but cool and dry. Damp weather predicted for the next few days.


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