atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6377: Ah, Sunday

Got up for a while, then went back to bed and slept another four hours. Set dinner to cooking, then washed the dishes, and now I have a few minutes to blog before dinner.

* * *

Mummy with a passport! Aaahh!

Any person, living or dead, leaving the country, must have a passport. Ramses II--although dead a very long time--is still a person, and so when they wanted to take his mummy to France for imaging etc, they issued him a passport.

Probably the envy of the pyramid crowd, wherever they are.

* * *

That this is Mike Pence does not surprise me. Ever since I first saw the "PENCE MUST GO" placards in peoples' front yards in Indiana, I knew he was someone to pay attention to. I expect this guy to run for President after Trump terms out, and I expect him to win.
In an unforgettable coup de grâce, Pence cheerfully waved to the motley crew of unruly leftists as he made his stylish exit.
...which is exactly how you deal with those freakshows: walk past them with a jaunty smile and show them you are 100% unperturbed by their nonsense. It infuriates them, and it shows other people what you think of your opposition, without having to say a word: "This is beneath my notice."

* * *

I could stand to sleep some more. Bedtime approaches, though. Tomorrow, I expect to be really hectic, like last week.

That's fine.

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