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#6382: It's EPIC!!!

Mrs. Fungus and I watched Halloween III last night, because she remembered it as being scary.

I did nothing to dissuade her, even though I knew better, because I figured that it would be good for wisecracks.

See, Halloween III--unlike Halloween and Halloween II--does not include Jason, the hockey-mask-wearing slasher in the slasher pic. No, the big bugaboo here is Silver Shamrock Halloween masks which have little grains of Evil Sacrifice Rock From Stonehenge (TM) in them, in circuits which are designed to react to certain audiovisual cues. When the ESRFS grain is activated, it turns the wearer's head into bugs and snakes.

The characters are all cardboard cutouts. The movie is dead boring. The only really good joke we got out of it was a reference to merkins that my wife came up with. Though at one point I made her laugh:
Female lead: "I'm going to find my father's killer!"
Me: " you think we'll be seeing your boobs in this movie?"

* * *

In order to experience true terror I expect to try watching 6th Sense this Halloween season. $5 says I have the same reaction to it that Mom had to Dracula.

See, she saw Dracula in the theater and was terrified. Then one night it was broadcast on TV, and she was all alone in the apartment (Dad was out and no kids yet) and she watched it...and wondered why she'd thought it was so scary.

Could be worse, though.

* * *

I am now convinced that NASA faked the Moon landings. I mean, it just does not get any more incontrovertible than that. I don't know if Stanley Kubrick, Megamind of the Universe, was involved, but I do know that there link lays out everything, and you just have to agree that it's so.

* * *

The F35. All grounded because of a faulty fuel tube. Standard procedure when an airplane crashes, of course.

* * *

Related: Ever since Boeing bought all its competitors there really isn't much incentive for them to be competitive. Remember that Boeing said they'd get to the Moon before SpaceX? Not at this rate, they won't. Elon Musk will be a corpse, laying on the regolith in a space suit with a gas cylinder tag tied to him*, before Boeing manages to get there. Shit.

* * *

"This is already old news" but I hadn't realized how incredible the story actually was.

This is that woman who broke up with her fiancee and cancelled her wedding and quit all her friendships and threw an enormous shit fit about it on Facebook because no one would pay for her $60,000 wedding.

My wife and I are very, very happy with our small, intimate wedding, done exactly the way we wanted. The only thing we'd change--the only thing--is that we would hire a professional photographer, and we would have had her parents come to it. Other than that? It's our story, it's romantic and charming, and we like it, and we didn't have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for it.

* * *

As usual, the bigotry is 100% fake. Because they can't find that kind of bigotry anywhere--the kind where people make threats and all--they have to invent it. Every time.

* * *

Hillary Clinton does not realize that her statement also applies to her side. I cannot be civil with someone who wants to take away my freedom of speech or right to keep and bear arms.

* * *

So, last night I watched ep 117 of Yawara! and I loved the hell out of it. Three reasons:

1) She stood up Kazamatsuri. Kazamatsuri is a player, a ladies' man. He is engaged to Sayaka Honami, Yawara's extremely rich rival, and that engagement has gotten him his job as president of Honami Travel, one of the biggest travel agencies in Japan. We periodically see him dealing with this or that girlfriend. But of course he really wants to get Yawara, who is entirely innocent of his woman-chasing ways.

2) She realized how she feels about Matsuda. Kousuke Matsuda is the reporter who discovered her, and he's in love with her, and all along she's had a fondness for him--and now she understands what's going on. The latter which being why she decided she'd get back into judo. She actually read the articles he wrote about her matches.

3) This image:

There's a sensation I get from certain scenes in anime, that I can best describe as "tugging at the heartstrings", but that's not exactly it. The thing is, though, that I'll watch anime and suddenly something will come along which is so perfect that I can't help but get pulled into the emotion of the moment. Nothing else does this to me. The last thing on American TV that got me like that, even once, was Joan of Arcadia, and that was fifteen years ago.

The episode built to that moment, and when it hit, it was perfect. Made me bust out into a big old grin and say, "Awww, yeah!" which is my usual reaction to those moments.

Seven eps left. Wahh.

* * *

Phone frustrations:

So, when I had the Jeep at Og's place to work on the axle, I plugged the phone in to the stereo's aux jack and had some music on while I worked. Sounded great. Last Saturday, on my way home, I did that again, and it sounded great.

Tonight, I did it, but about every twenty seconds the audio would break up and get all scratchy and distorted. *sigh*

It has to be something electrical, because unplugging the patch cord and plugging it back in will fix it, temporarily. What I don't understand is why it didn't do it the last two times, and did this time. Nothing was at all different.

Oh well.


* Heinlein, The Man Who Sold the Moon. Look it up.

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