atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6383: ABC realizes how hard life is when you're stupid

"We didn't think it through properly," they bemoan. The replacement for the Roseanne reboot, The Connors, does not look like it's going to do as well as the show it replaces, because DUH.

A fiver says that ABC stockholders are asking, "And why, exactly, did you take so much of our money and wipe your ass with it before setting it on fire?", prompted by this ENTIRELY PREDICTABLE EVENT.

Let's face it: I am not the most promethean thinker out there, and if I can look at something and say, "This will all end in tears and you have only yourself to blame for it," you would think at least one of the high-powered, Ivy League educated, super-rich network executives would be able to say, "Hey--what's going to happen to our numbers if we do this?"

If I were Roseanne Barr, I wouldn't go back to ABC for anything.

* * *

That amounts to about $1.1 billion per month that it was open before they had to start repairs. New terminal opened in August. Two months later they find a crack in the main support beam. took ten years to build the place, and it's coming apart already. Hoover Dam was built in half that time and it's still sound.

* * *

So, we had our brief indian summer this week. In 24 hours we went from AC to heating. Whee!

Today would have been a good day to stay home and hide under the covers, too--cold, dank, wet, dreary. Oh well.

Did a couple more pages on the novel today. Can't complain.

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