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#6385: Little Big has the BEST videos.

I enjoyed this one so much I'm thinking about learning to do the dance.

Pity that Olimpiya left the band, though.

* * *

So, finished emptying the pool and struck it. Put away the summer things. Cut the grass--though not the immediate back yard since it was swampy, especially after dumping the remaining pool water. Changed the oil in Mrs. Fungus' car.

Jeep turned in 296 miles of travel on 14.8 gallons of gas. That comes out to exactly 20 MPG. I did not follow as many trucks this week, which is why it dropped 2 MPG from the last tank. 20 MPG is acceptable.

The thing is, following trucks is a pain unless you hit everything just right. Still, it's a useful trick.

* * *

Sixth Sense was not that scary the second time around, 19 years later.

The scene that got me, the first time I saw it (in the theater when it was released) was when Cole's mother noticed the weird lens flare over Cole's right shoulder in every picture she had of him. That didn't particularly bother me when I saw it, but later that night when I went to bed, laying in my bedroom in my apartment in Cedar Rapids, it scared the shit out of me.

For two weeks after seeing that movie I slept with the lights on.

There was nothing in that movie that got to me except for that one scene, and as I said it was on a time delay; and on my second viewing 19 years later I reclassified it as "supernatural" rather than "horror" because while the entire movie centers on a kid's ability to interact with ghosts, it's really not a horror movie at all.

It is entirely probable that me having to sleep with the lights on was simply the result of an eerie moment in a movie giving my (at the time) undiagnosed anxiety issue something on which to focus.

My impression that it was an extremely good movie did not change. It's a good solid movie, and it withstood a second viewing, even knowing what the big twist is. The only reason I haven't watched it a second time was because--knowing the twist--I didn't place much priority on rewatching it. But it's a damned good movie even when you know what's going on.

I got a kick out of reinterpreting everything with the knowledge that Bruce Willis' character is dead almost from the beginning of the movie. All the scenes which give the appearance of him interacting with people other than Cole are sheer misdirection. The foreshadowing is not laid on too thick; it's just enough--and it works so very well that you don't realize you're being set up.

I haven't seen one movie from Shyamalan that was bad. I thought Signs was the least-good of them (and I haven't seen The Last Airbender) but I really liked Unbreakable. Split was good and I'm really stoked that it's sequel is also a sequel for Unbreakable. Really looking forward to that.

* * *

Saw a woolly bear caterpillar today. One end was black, maybe a quarter of the whole caterpillar; the rest was all brown. According to the folklore that means we should have a reasonably mild winter. We'll see how we do, of course, but the summer was so mild that I doubt winter will be extreme.

When I was a kid and someone would find one, they'd capture it and put it in a jar. Of course, the next time you looked in the jar it'd be in its cocoon. I always thought that was cause and effect: because it had been captured and hemmed in, it went pupate. But I realized that the fact is, you don't see the things until they are ready to cocoon up. When they're looking for a place to pupate, that is when they start going places they can do that.

This little guy is currently hanging out at the top of one of our porch pillars. I have to wonder if he'll make a cocoon there, or go somewhere else to do it.

* * *

Well, tomorrow is October 15th. Keeping my fingers crossed, metaphorically speaking.

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