atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6386: Well, that was a very frustrating day.

Maybe when I'm a lot calmer I'll explain it. But I had a really frustrating day at work today.

* * *

So, SpaceX figures that developing its BFR will cost about $5 billion, which coincidentally enough is what Boeing's cost overruns are on SLS.

As the linked post says, "...[I]t's literally nothing special or new. It should have *easily* flown by now."

Off-the-shelf components, no special technology, entirely disposable. All Boeing has to do is to build a rocket from existing and proven designs that does nothing that the Saturn V did not do--and it's costing $8.1 billion and taking eight years.

Why? "Cost plus", that's why. It's not Boeing's money that's being spent on this nonsense; it's NASA's money. That makes all the difference.

I keep thinking about how Boeing bragged that they'd beat SpaceX to the Moon. I am beginning to suspect that Boeing couldn't even get a pre-built Estes rocket off the ground without slipping the launch schedule and going over budget.

Seriously, Boeing: stick to airplanes. It's what you do best. Leave the rocketry to the missile men.

* * *

Just hating on people right now. Need to chill out. Maybe go whack monsters in Azeroth.

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