atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6390: Only awake for headache mitigation

So far this Halloween season, Mrs. Fungus and I have watched several movies:
6th Sense
Halloween III
Amityville Horror
The Cabin in the Woods
The Others
Shutter Island
Last night was a double feature which included the latter two on the list, which kept us up until 3.

To make matters worse I was up around 5-ish for maybe forty minutes, so I have not gotten a lot of sleep; but around 10 I woke up with a nascent headache. So I ate a PBJ and surfed a bit.

I am going back to bed after I leave these links here.

* * *

"People are mostly boring to me. Their behavior is highly predictable, both on the micro and macro levels." Yeah, like that.

* * *

You know there'll be a hurricane sooner or later which will knock your building down. Build for it.

* * *

Even though I stopped opposing the legalization of weed years ago, I knew this would be a result. Simple fact is that even though the people who love to smoke weed claim it's not so, marajuana impairs your ability to drive exactly the same way alcohol does.

No one's figured out that smoking the shit is just as bad for you as tobacco is, but they will; give it time.

* * *

Yesterday at work I handled three phone calls in my 8-hour shift. I spent the rest of the time working on my novel and rewatching K-on!

In the latter case there have been many instances where I had to keep myself from laughing out loud. Like the first time Ricchan addresses their teacher as "Sawa-chan" and the teacher responds with a dismayed, "'Sawa-chan'?" Or the second season ep where Ricchan is trying to eat the receipt for the sale of "Sawa-chan"'s old guitar, so she won't find out it fetched $5,000, only Sawa-chan takes off her glasses, gives Ricchan her best heavy metal glare, and grates, "SPIT IT OUT" like some kind of demon.

For some reason I'm missing ep 1 of season 2, though. Going to have to dig through the old hard drives and see if I can't find it.

But that's later. Today is my day of rest; I'm going back to bed.

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