atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6391: I would not trade our story for anything in the world

My wife and I have traditions, like any married couple does.

Sweetest Day, for example: on Sweetest Day, I know I'm going to get a card and a Christmas ornament. She knows she's going to get a card, flowers, and chocolate chip cookies. I make the cookies on the day, but we exchange cards at midnight, as soon as it's Sweetest Day.

When I make chocolate chip cookies, I follow the recipe on the bag; I use Nestle chocolate chips just like Mom always did.

But I use milk chocolate chips rather than semi-sweet, and instead of a teaspoon of vanilla I add a tablespoon. And unlike Mom, I put the salt in. Mom always argued that the butter contains salt, so there was no need for it, but adding the salt turned out to be the one thing needed to make my version of the recipe perfect.

The recipe specifies two sticks of butter; it doesn't say to use unsalted butter. We almost never had butter around because margarine was cheaper, and supposedly better for you, and margarine has salt in it, too. Well, salted butter doesn't contain enough salt, so I put the salt in, and the cookies are delightful.

Sweets for the sweetest.

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