atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6396: Hastily scrubbing the record.

All the stickers on the van are brand new and until he was caught by the FBI he was listed on social media as a Democrat.

That post has plenty of discussion.

This is its first source.

I'm voting "political operation". This guy is on someone's payroll.

* * *

Big surprise: NBC sat on information that discredited one of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh's accusers.

* * *

Yet another "hate crime" that turned out to be a hoax. Black guy painted "vote Trump" on the church he attended before setting it on fire.

Still trying to find a real example of right-wing violence or bigotry. Still not seeing any.

* * *

Confirmed: Nov 1 is last day. Hoping to interview for new job the same week. Fingers crossed.
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