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#6397: Logistics are important.

A mob of 10,000 people cannot simply up and decide to march anywhere, not long distance. The invasion force that is making its way north from central America is physically impossible without massive logistical support.

Karl Denninger lays it out pretty well; supplying the basic necessities of life for ten thousand people is not a trivial exercise. I make the food and water supply out to approximate a full railcar load per day--10,000 gallons of potable water, and to be generous another 10,000 gallons for washing etc; a tank car of water and a boxcar full of food. Per day. Plus, by the way, an army of people whose job it is to manage and distribute that stuff.

And not to be indelicate, but where does this mob go to the toilet? They can't just stop at a gas station, not when there are ten thousand of them, and if they just "go natural" it'll mean filth and disease--if not for them (which is actually very likely) then for the general area through which they pass.

Denninger also brings up the inconvenient fact that when you walk a long distance like that, you use up shoes, and if you don't, then you use up your feet. Where are these poor and starving people getting their shoes?

I don't buy it--I don't buy any of it. This is not a spontaneous gathering of refugees fleeing poverty; this is a planned and orchestrated event, something ginned up specifically to coincide with the midterm elections in an attempt to sway people to vote Democrat.

Denninger's preferred response--a military one--is what the Democrats are wanting, are hoping for. They want something to motivate the hispanics to get out and vote for them, and they want something that looks like a war crime to hang on Trump.

Denninger seems to be a little over the top in some places. While I don't entirely disagree with him, I also have to admit that I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer and I won't condemn an obviously competent President like Trump solely because he's not doing what I think he should do.

Particularly considering that Trump has, so far, made the Democrats look like idiots almost on a weekly basis.

* * *

If you claim that you have PTSD from watching Hillary Clinton lose the 2016 election, then you are a person who does not know what "trauma" is. PTSD is something a person has after they've been through something horrible. Okay, being in a war, that's traumatic. Being in a plane crash, that's traumatic. Having a loved one die can be traumatic, especially if you're young.

Losing an election is not traumatic.

* * *

As for me--

Been doing creepy shows with the wife all week. Last night we watched Halloween and then binge-watched the last half of Haunting of Hill House. Got to bed at 3:30 AM.

I woke up promptly at 8:30, had a PBJ, and went back to awaken at 12:30 with a splitting headache. Took some ibuprofen and tried to blog, but head was so bad looking at the screen hurt; I ended up sitting in the rocking chair in the living room with my eyes closed. Head still pounding, I took 1g of Tylenol atop the 0.8g of ibu I'd taken. 20 minutes later the headache had finally receded to a dull throb and I was feeling sleepy, so I returned to bed.

...woke up about 4, then, with more headache. *sigh* That one, however, receded to "dull ache" status with a couple of cookies, and Mrs. Fungus is going to order Chinese, so that should do it.

I dislike Tylenol for its liver toxicity, which is why I seldom take it. Ibuprofen is bad for the kidneys, but it's not as toxic as acetominophen is for the liver, and it works, so it's my go-to. Today's headache mandated it, and if we'd had any plain old aspirin I would have taken a dose of that, too.

Yesterday I went to work, although when I woke up I was sorely tempted to call off. I mean, what's the point? Job ends Thursday, Saturdays are utterly devoid of work, and I wanted to sleep, right?

Got up and went to work, and spent my day watching K-on!. My phone rang twice. I answered three emails. The first email was from the offshore team telling us they were going out to lunch, and that was after I'd been there for an hour and a half.


Anyway, so they're putting the Christmas lights on the building, and as I looked at them it occurred to me that when I'd started working there those lights were up, and it was nicely circular that they'd be up again when I stopped.

But because of all the K-on! I've been watching there on Saturdays (this is the second week I've done it) I've got "Fuwa Fuwa Time" and "Fudapen" stuck in my head. They alternate.

Could be worse, of course; could be lots worse.

For one thing, I'm intelligent and I notice things. $Major_Hardware isn't going to say anything to me until the actual day. My supervisor has, of course, given me some unofficial hints about it, because I asked; but my contract was only extended a month and that was what got my attention. Couple that with the big mystery meetings no one talked about afterwards, and no explanation from anyone else, and presto. Not that figuring this out was something on par with figuring out General Relativity or something, but if I hadn't twigged to all this I would otherwise have been caught flat-footed.

Instead, I got the ball rolling, and my recruiter at the temp agency is working on scheduling an interview ASAP for a new position, one that may actually be better than my current job even if it doesn't let me watch anime all day on Saturdays. And if it's not better, at least it's money while I look for something better.

I don't want to get anyone in trouble, so I'm not saying anything to anyone about being let go, but pretending I don't know it. What a fucked-up system.

* * *

I have to go pick up dinner now.

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