atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6398: Garf

Got home from work and washed the dishes, made a batch of brownies for my wife's pot luck at work tomorrow, then finally cooked and ate my dinner after that.


I expect tomorrow to be my last full day of work at $Major_Hardware. Thu I expect to be there for half an hour, maybe. I'll come in, someone will say, "Hey, we need to talk to you..." and I'll get the boot. Then I'll drive home.

I decided not to shave Thursday, and will say, "I was expecting this, so I didn't bother to shave. Sorry. No disrespect intended." Something like that.

I've already got my desk almost entirely cleaned out. Tomorrow I'll bring home my last notepad and the other sundries that remain, such that there will be nothing left for me to take home on Thursday. I'll only bring one jug of pop with me and I'll eat my sandwich on the way there, so the only thing I'll take in with me on Thu is the jug of pop. And if I have a chance to do so before they call me in for the chat, I'll take down all the note stuff on my cube walls and ashcan it.

Well, could be worse. As I said, I could have failed to see it coming. And as previously stated my recruiter and I are working out an interview time with the new place.

Here's hoping for a short interregnum.

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