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#6399: Gee, what a big f-in' surprise.

Chicago is the most corrupt city in the US and Illinois is the third most corrupt state.

That's just going off federal corruption convictions. In other words, the guys they caught. Fiver says we'd be the number one state, too, if they could tally the corruption at the state level.

* * *

Michael Mann is still making up hockey sticks.

I often say "climate 'science'" because it's not; it's people making shit up.

* * *

Ah, the executive order to end birthright citizenship. Brilliant.

Vox Day.

Karl Denninger explains the legal leg Trump has to stand on.
The problem is that a child of illegal immigrant parents has parents that are subject to the jurisdiction of a foreign nation, not the US. Further they have denied the jurisdiction of US law by their very action of being here.
...less emphasis, but it explains the legal theory by which Trump can do this without a constitutional amendment.

And ending birthright citizenship is essential to stemming the tide of illegal aliens.

* * *

Speaking of "the tide of illegal aliens" the press is not showing us all the BUSES being used to transport the mob.

5,000 active duty military personnel staged at the border. This ought to be fuckin' great. YES THAT'S SARCASM.

I would just love to know what the people in this "caravan" are being told. For damn sure they're not being told that the army is waiting to turn them away. The people who are organizing and funding this thing are lying to these people, and using them for their political ends.

I think that's the lowest sort of scum imaginable. Then again, my opinion of leftists couldn't possibly be any worse than it already is.

* * *

Posted this on Facboob:
372 pages, 212224 words, still more story to tell.
New mysteries, new antagonists, and a much higher tempo of shit blowing up; that's the third volume of this thing.


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